Toilets and gender - very light hearted discussion

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  • Stealth453

    The solution is simple.



  • gwyneth

    lol, Stealth.

  • G Money
    G Money

    Life was so much simpler when we all went in the bushes!

  • Skimmer

    Some years ago I worked at a small company with a four to one male/female ratio and two unisex restrooms. Each room had a sliding bolt door lock on the inside to ensure privacy, and it seemed that everyone was satisfied with the situation.

    At a clothing-optional campground I visit occasionally, there are a pair of restrooms (gender specific) with no exterior doors, but with interior stalls that do have doors. The showers are outside and camper families line up in the morning with soap, towel, and nothing else to get clean. There is neither embarrassment nor prurience.

    I recall a discussion about unisex bathrooms with my college roommate some years ago as they had been recently introduced to the university. He supported them by saying that since most homes did not have separate men's/women's rooms, then there was little need for them elsewhere.

    Nowadays, at least here in the United States, many of the larger public places have triplet restrooms: male, female, and baby-changing. Tounge-in-cheek, I suppose we could add anther pair for sexual orientation.

    Wouldn't it be best for everyone to learn that: 1) there is no shame to natural body functions, and 2) unwanted advances are inappropriate regardless of locale.

  • praiseband

    As a mom, and now grandma, it seems to have been quite a few years since I have actually used a bathroom alone! Seems there is always a little one on the edge of hysteria who insists you can not leave them alone even for that long. It is so nice to be needed!

  • aniron

    If a gay guy goes into a male toilet does that cross boundaries which is why (I presume) we have traditional male/female separation in the first place?
    Why does it cross boundaries, he is still a man. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Would women be offended if the gay guy went to their toilet?

    He is still a man. (Unless they want advice on fashion)

    Would guys (gay or straight) be offended if women went in the men's toilets?
    No, I’ve known to happen quite often. When women’s have been out of order.


    Which toilet should the gender change individual attend?

    He / she is either male or female.

    Is it all too confusing and should all toilets just be unisex?

    Quite a few clubs round here have unisex toilets (all cubicles) it cuts down on the plumbing.
    If you did opt for four different sexual orientation toilets what would the door symbols be?
    Male, Female, Gay, Lesbian wouldn’t that be discrimination.

    Would it send message to Gay / Lesbian “Your not good enough to use our toilets.”

    Besides where would the Bisexuals go?


    Which one would be the cleanest?

    The Gay one. Just leave the cleaning stuff out for them.


  • Purza

    If I am at a gas station or fast food place and the toilet is a SINGLE OCCUPANCY TOILET I will go in the "men's" room. I figure it really doesn't matter as long as it is a toilet. It is entertaining to see the look on people's faces when I walk out of the "men's" room.

    I would not be offended if a gay man (or straight for that matter) used the "ladies room". Not by any means. There are many more things in life to worry about.


  • LisaRose

    My feeling is that guys (gay or straight) should use the men's room. I don't see what thier sexual orientation has to do with is. If a guy walked into a ladies room I was in, I wouldn't necessarily know if he was gay, so it would make me nervous. For all I know he could just be a pervert who likes to look under the bathroom stalls. The real conundrum is when the guy is a cross-dresser. We had one at work who came dressed as a woman for Holloween every year. He pretty much looked like a woman. I'm pretty much live and let live, but the fake nipple show through I thought was a bit much in work environment. So I imagine it freaked out a few guys when he went to the men's room. On the other hand I wouldn't have wanted him in my bathroom as he a a reputation for being handsy with women.

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