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  • purplesofa

    Anyone here been through bootcamp?

    I want to know what it is like for my daughter........

    there must be some stories out there ......

    Also, anyone know Heatmiser? If I remember right, he was in Iraq or going.........just curious.

    AND~~~~ is anyone from South Carolina?


  • inbyathread

    I'll try to be brief.

    Bootcamp is an intense training period lasting between 6 and 9 weeks depending on the service. Training consists of military history, physical and emotional conditioning. Menu's are specifically designed for this type of training. A slim person who is underweight will gain weight while an overweight person will lose pounds. I couldn't keep up with the running when I first arrived but was leading our squad by the time I left. Slower persons are assisted by others within the squad. Never leave a shipmate behind.

    If looked at by someone from the outside the emotional conditioning could be seen as terror. People are broken down emotionally, but very quickly and methodically they are built up thinking the military way. You cannot have an American Solder asking questions during a firefight. They are trained to fight. They are trained to survive.

    Be proud of your daughter.

  • Stealth453

    Law enforcement for me. Not near as bad as they make it out to be. Try to relax....

  • Simon

    I loaded it on my Apple mac just the other day

  • damselfly

    Does that mean you're going to make JWD more Mac friendly? :D

  • Ironhead

    Boot camp or basic training as we say over here, can be difficult, but also enjoyable. I went in all cocky, and came out with respect. My military service were the best days of my life. I've had more loyal friends there than anywhere else. Maybe something that the duds can learn about. Yes put them in boot camp. No as the others said relax and be proud of your daughter.

  • rekless

    I went to bootcamp in 1964...pure hell, and it certainly made a man out of you, and taught respect for authority, but today I understand,it is a much kinda, gentler experience.

  • purplesofa

    My daughter called a few hours ago........

    normally there are 300 to 400 new recruits per week.........this week there were 750!

    So she is there with a two week waiting period before she starts bootcamp.

    wonder why such an increase this week???? hmmmmmm


  • poppers

    I went through Marine Corps boot camp back in 1970. As described by another poster, there is a systematic breaking down of the individual and then a rebuilding of them into what they want: someone who responds to orders under the most extreme physical and mental stress, and into someone who willingly puts their buddy's life before their own. Lots of yelling and physical demands in boot camp are integral in this regard. Once I understood how they were training us I relaxed and saw it as a sort of game that I could play along with. By the end I was highly motivated and very proud to be a Marine. Looking back, it was one of the most interesting and challenging times of my life. I actually enjoyed it.

  • smellsgood

    Hi purplesofa!

    My brother ships off to boot camp in a couple days. He's in the National Guard. His friend who was in the Army has told him that it is extremely difficult. You're daughter will be having a rough time I think. I hope you are proud of what she is doing, although I wouldn't know what it would feel like to have your child in the service. How are you feeling about it?
    I know that the National Guard is offering all sorts of incentives/bonuses for joining at this time. So the Army probably is too, and that may somewhat explain why there is a larger number of recruits at this time.


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