District Convention in Rockford, IL

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  • collegegirl21

    Let me just tell you, the first day has already gotten to me. You know what they said in one part. "Family members have it harder than the ones who are disfellowshipped." I can't wait to go to tomorrow's session (note sarcasm) Is anyone else at this convention this weekend? CG21 (of the I hate conventions class)

  • sunshineToo

    I didn't go to the DC, but love to hear the updates.

  • VM44


    You don't have to go to the convention! Let the convention come to you! :)

    The whole 2006 convention has been recorded and put up on the net.

    See the thread, "Complete Audio Recordings of 2006 DC Talks" that AlanF started.


    The website with the talk recordings is:


    But what about the new publication to be released, how to get a copy?

    The new release has ALREADY been scanned and someone will probably put it at reexamine.org very soon now.


  • VM44

    If you really want to see some of the convention talks, some of them have been put up at Youtube.com.

    But they are very boring to watch, all you see is someone at the podium reading a manuscript!


  • alias


    Are the conventions running in Rockford on other weekends besides this one? Where is the location? Do you have a schedule handy? Does anyone?



  • serendipity

    Hi alias,

    Here's a link to all the US DC's:


  • alias

    Thank you, Serendipity. I appreciate it!


  • collegegirl21

    So today they proceeded to talk about apostate websites and how we try to pretend we are JW's and how we mislead people and that's how "we catch people in our trap." What a load of SH*T!
    And then they proceeded to say how young ones need to realize that the end is near and how we don't need to think about education because that isn't going to matter to Jehovah. They said how we should try and please Jehovah in other ways... want to know what ways? About going Door to Door!
    So my mom made sure after the convention to tell me how I need to move home and fulfill my obligation to Jehovah and how I need to stay off of the internet! I HATE THE CONVENTION! I HATE THIS ORGANIZATION. Why is it that my parents don't understand that I want to better myself.
    Oh, and they said how the end is really near. That's why its "Deliverance At Hand." Shoot me now.

  • JH

    After your convention, you'll need that approaching apostafest badly...

  • juni

    Did they have the a/c turned on collegegirl?

    I've never been to the Rockford DAs. Wonder why they don't have them in Madison anymore? Too expensive?


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