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  • Stealth453

    The current president of the Watch Tower Society, Don A. Adams , is not a member of the Governing Body.

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    Guess I've been sleeping for a while.

  • lost_light06

    Yeah, that happened a few years back. It was a "bid deal", letter read at the meetings and everything. They claimed it was to allow the GB to focus more on spiritual things. When really it is a way to protect the GB from any sort of legal repercussions from their insane and dangerous decisions.

  • Stealth453

    Totally missed that. Thanks. I must have been spending too much time in the jungle around then.

  • Creed

    They have done this because many times appeals of disfellowshipping go make it to the Governing Body, and decisions that affects millions of people's lives, like what kind of work they can accept, what kind of health care (the blood issue) they can accept, whether to report child molestors, etc, are all decisions made by the Governing Body.

    This is another legal move to change their structure to segregate their money and protect the main money making corporations from being held liable for the decision making that the Governing Body does.

    Back in 2000, they formed the "Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses" and the "Religious Order of Jehovah's Witnesses" to facilitate this changeover. I think currently the Governing Body operates under the latter. And information is dissiminated from the Society to the congregations through the "Chrisitan Cong of JW's." Thus they are also segregating the WTBTS from the Governing Body, and the Governing Body from the channel of communication to the congregations. This is all an elaborate scheme to shield themselves with additional layers of liability protection should someone sue the WTBTS for disfellowshipping. They can claim that the local congregation or corporation made the action, and then the plaintiff would have to penetrate four more levels of corporate structure before they can get to the money making corporation at WTBTS.

    However, Napa Valley, CA court system and the CA court of appeals seems to be piercing this veil and wading through this red tape in quick fashion.

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