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  • AnonyMouse

    My mom uses the cliche "It's probably not true if it's too good to be true."

    Even though 'life in paradise' never appealed to me (I don't want to die, just an eternity of servitude and perfection sounds boring), it does for everyone else.

    I can except death in it's eventiality (far off, I hope). I see it this way: "If I'm dead, I won't be alive to care if I'm alive."

    It works even if the JWs are right (I doubt it, but I'm still open-minded enough to give them the ever slightest chance that they are right).

  • Taythan

    My parents started studying when I was 12. They were baptized when I was 15, I went through a rebellious phase, got alot of grief. By 17 I was tired of the grief got a little worried about life after high school since JW parents discourged higher education. So I decided to try it out embraced the life style to see what it was like. I took it and ran with it and became the congregation poster boy for prodigal son. Studied every book I could get my hands on.....(It occured to me later why they got a bit hesitant when I showed interest in reading some of the older books in the KH library). I got baptized and Auxillery pioneered and because there weren't many brothers around I was pretty much a MS without the official title although promised I'd get it soon it was just a matter of years of service you see. I thought for awhile this was how it was going to 19 I was living on my own and started to think that maybe this wasn't what I wanted. I started hanging out with some of my old worldly friend again and began living a sort of double life for my families sake. I began to drift away started missing meetings just wasn't into it anymore. Before the year was over I wasn't going to live a life not my own for someone elses sake anymore. Not even for people that I loved. I packed up my things and moved away.....1000 miles away, and the JW chapter of my life was over just like that. I was fortunate in that my family eventually did see things my way and all left the JW's some four years later. Even now my relationship is not the same with them but at least it exists again.....They are still going through some serious deprogramming expecially my two younger brothers who have lost the ability to socialize on any level.

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