How the World Might Get Better

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  • metatron

    It's easy to get pessimistic about world events - but there is room for hope, if you look beyond the headlines. There are a number of things

    that could change suddenly in the next few years, for the betterment of (nearly) all. Such as:

    1) North Korea could collapse amidst starvation. OK, that's harsh - but it would benefit both Koreas ultimately. Currently, North Korea

    is suffering from floods and devastation. China is angry with them because of "loss of face" over the missile tests ( the important missile

    fizzled pathetically) and even South Koreans are disgusted. The only reason anybody feeds them is because they don't want to deal

    with millions of refugees.

    2) Iran might collapse - probably not soon, but eventually. Blogs out of Iran reveal internal disgust with their corrupt Theocracy ( does that

    sound familiar?) Despite high oil prices, they still manage to waste millions amidst unemployment and a young populace that privately

    rejects much of the Islamic Revolution. One blogger said "whatever the next government is, it's going to be anti-clerical". I say

    history proves him correct. Mullahs were shocked when, after 9-11, huge young mobs were chanting Pro American slogans!

    It's just teenage rebellion, folks! The end of the Islamic Revolution would send shock waves thru the world.

    3) The Arabs may run out of oil - very controversial but possible. There are experts who claim that oil reserve figures in Kuwait and

    Saudi Arabia may be bogus and that their fields may already be declining. They might do much better as nations if they were forced

    into trade and industry like everybody else. Botswana , in Africa, racked up better growth and development than many nations there

    despite having few natural resources so they couldn't squander them or fight over them.

    4) Alternative energy is going to make it, big time - cheap oil stopped solar and alternative development and those days are over!

    Heck, even GE and BP are getting into alternatives. It's gonna happen, because markets say so.

    5) Iraq will fail but............... Kurdistan won't. All the headlines miss the success story of the Kurds - who hate Arabs and are installing

    large numbers of glass windows in their area of Iraq! What does that tell you? If you don't speak Kurdish with the local accent

    you don't get in. 98% of Kurds voted in a nonbinding plebicite for independence.

    6) China may crash - and might even split up! India will continue to rise. China is wildly overinvested in manufacturing but India

    is gaining on services and software. If you think hardware overcomes software, look at how tiny Microsoft swept past mighty IBM

    in a few years by concentrating on software - instead of 'boxes'. It's also going to make Muslims puke to see "idolaters" pass them


    7) Despite many problems, the US may stay in good shape - why? Because productivity is high and our population is still growing.

    Japan and Europe are headed for demographic disaster. How do you maintain an economy while losing people? ( answer: you don't)

    Russia will gradually disappear as a nation, losing about a million net people a year!

    Things may work out............. it isn't all bad ( unless you're a Witness, in which case everything is always 'worse and worse')


  • Warlock

    If everyone launched their nukes at the same time, things would get better in the aftermath.


  • parakeet

    Yes, all those things might get better, and then new problems would take their place. That's the way of the world.

  • jayhawk1

    Metatron, I wish I could be as positive as you. Certainly as soon as I finish college, I am getting solar panels on the roof. I hope by then they will be even more affordable. If not, at least I will have a good paying job to see to it I can afford them. Also I plan to have an electric car when that happens.

    That would be great if everything you just wrote would come true. But again, I fear other problems will take their place. It seems as long as there is one group of people to hate another group of people, nothing will ever change.

  • Carmel

    Good post metra. My only expectation that is different is that those are inevitabilities, not just possibilities. (IMHO)


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