List your fav drinks and how to make them...

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  • JWdaughter

    A certain person I am aquainted with thinks that it is only a weak character that causes one to drink 'hard' liquor. He drinks a lot of beer though, . . .anyway, to annoy him, I like a screwdriver-mostly cause I don't really like alcohol much and that way I can't taste it. (OJ and vodka) unfortunately, this only hurts me, cause while I can't taste it, it can waste me. I don't drink much and wouldn't care if I never did again. I only do it to prove (to whom???) that I am a grownup and I can. At 40, I probably need to get over it already!! My family has some alcohol problems, so I am GLAD I don't like the stuff, but sometimes I wish I was even minimally educated about it all-the other day I was trying to follow a recipe that called for tequila and margarita mix. . .They are not in the same department, they don't come mixed and asking what color tequila is makes one look like a fool. The chicken was really awesome though!!!(marinate a chicken in 1/2c. tequila, 1 c margarita mix, juice of two lemons and limes, zest of one each and 2 t. salt) BBQ or Broil. Preferably use chicken with bones and skin(more flavor/moistness, can remove skin after cooking) DELISH

  • Kudra

    MMmm, Gregor- yours sounds the best yet.
    Daystar- Mirassou lately has had a good (for lowbrows like me) and CHEAP Pinot Noir.
    Good for me: paycheck-limited wino

  • In Between
    In Between

    I like Dams response, pretty much what I drink ... but a few simple drinks that my female friends like are Midori mixed with Sprite and Amaretto (sp?) mixed with Ruby Red Squirt. J.D. is also good mixed with regular Squirt ... poor man's wiskey sour.

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    Mornings: fresh-squeezed orange juice by the pint

    Daytime: very cold Keo/Leon/Carlsberg beer

    Evenings: wine with meals (usually 'village' i.e.local cheapo red)

    After dinner: sketo (I.e. unsweetened Cypriot aka Turkish coffee) with local brandy

    After-dinner bars: 'black russian', i.e. Tia Maria, vodka and coke.

    This is not every day, you understand - at least one day a week I substitute brandy for the 'black russians'.

  • Honesty

    Country Time Pink Lemonade. directions included with each container.

    I quit drinking the alcohol almost at the same time I quit drinking the Watchtower's waters.

  • ozziepost

    List your fav drinks and how to make them...


    Will you be ordering from your favorite winery direct? If yes, go to Step 4.

    If not, start at Step 4

    Step1: Go to nearest good-quality liqor outlet

    Step 2 : In the red wine section , go past the "specials", and look for the labels on the top shelves or at the end of the rows.

    Step 3: Select a shiraz that meets your criteria e.g. it must come from Australia, hold the bottle to the light to check that it's not a light color, the age (older the better), etc

    Step 4: Take the bottle (or two or three) home.

    Step 5: Cook a beautiful meal.

    Step 6: Open the bottle shortly before your meal is ready (just to savor the aroma!)

    Step 7: Serve the meal and pour out a glass of the most beautiful nectar.

    Step 8: ENJOY!

  • bonnzo

    bourbon and coke: put 5-6 cubes of ice in glass, fill to top with woodford reserve bourbon, open coke beside of glass, letting mist settle on top of bourbon, drink. repeat

    same with gin and tonic except add lime and only use Bombay Sapphire gin.

    there are no other drinks in existence.

  • Thirdson

    The only mixed drink I make is the occasional dry Manhattan. The best version is the "Sioux Falls Radisson" version which I had made by a novice bar tender when I submitted my free drink coupon. My ratio was converted into 5 shots of Bourbon and 2 shots of dry Vermouth. It was the most intoxicating cocktail I've ever had. I tried it the next day but the regular bar tender knew how to make one. Tasted good but the volume was lacking.


  • Stealth453

    Buy a bottle of good scotch. Take off the cap. Pour into a glass. Drink. Repeat until the glass is no longer necessary, or the bottle is done.

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