How would the Governing Body treat Jesus if he were on earth today?

by unbrainwashed 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • dabatgaly

    They would all start sucking up expecting a pat on the back , until he started to inspect his sheep ,

    then one by one they would be sent to his left , all the while they would be saying "lord lord didn't we prophesy in your name ....... you now the rest

  • willyloman

    The GB wouldn't have an opportunity to treat him one way or the other, because there's no way he'd set foot in a Kingdom Hall nor associate with JWs in any way. When they heard he was here on earth, they'd order a special needs part on the next service meeting to prove scripturally that he was an imposter, reasoning that if JC actually came back to earth the first place he'd check in at would be Bethel. And of course it would be a cold day in hell before he went there, unless it was to deliver the bad news to them in person.

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