still stuck in j-dub mode.

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  • Highlander

    Ok, so I'm self employed and I recently added some consulting work to my business.

    I'm not going to give too many details, but,,, Part of my brain must still be stuck in j-dub mode. As I identify myself to the GM of the business that I'm

    visiting in regards to my consulting program, it goes something like this. Hi my name is XXX-XXX and I'm here with(and I almost say that I'm here with the latest

    issues of the watchtower and awake)!!!! Keep in mind I'm merely trying to idenitify myself to the general manager. AHHHHH!!! I just couldn't believe it!! I guess some things never


    note to self:: Set appt with therapist pronto!!!

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  • divejunkie

    That has happened to me.

    In the middle school I used to teach, they have this program called Project Grad. Basically is a grant program to prevent drop out and give scholarship money. The condition is that the students sign up with the program in the 6th grade, maintain a C average throughout MS and HS, and do so many hours of community service through HS and they'll get $4,000 for college.

    Anyway every year, the teachers of the school have to go on a Saturday morning to an assigned number of 6ht graders' homes and present the deal to the parents and get them to sign in.

    Total JW dejavue. Not only that, but many parents would hide and not come out thinking we were Jdubs.

  • parakeet

    ***As I identify myself to the GM of the business that I'm visiting in regards to my consulting program,***

    I can see how you made that mistake--both are sales pitches. Hope yours was successful.

  • Sailor Ripley
    Sailor Ripley

    I haven't been in the service for 24 years.

    I was an outside sales guy until last year and I thought about being in the service every single time I'd go to a new building to harass, sorry…, cold-call for new customers. I learned to have fun with it. What brought me solace and immediately livened my spirit was to know that I wasn't with an Elder whom I thought was a total Tool.

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