Super Hot DC

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  • lost_light06

    Well like many places in the US we're expecting high temps in the coming days. It's supposed to be 103° in Portland for the entire DC this weekend. I wonder if they'll be so kind as to call it off for all the elderly and yound children so there aren't any cases of heat stroke in the middle of the sessions? NAAHHH! The latest message of doom and gloom is much more important than some old mans life right? Ahh well! We'll see him in paradise I guess. Of course if he decides to stay home in his AC'd house instead of going to the all important convention he'll be certainly marked as weak, not weak in the sense that he's 80 years old and can't handle the exhaustian extreme heat brings, no even worse spiritually weak.

  • Toronto_Guy

    Most of the conventions locations I remember being at were air conditioned, but there were a few exceptions. One that stands out was Maple Leaf Gardens in the early 90's, it was incredibly hot in there. They never held one there again after that...


  • Blueblades

    Outdoor stadiums no Air Condition, remember Yankee stadium etc. Indoor very little AC. you still sweat. Babies crying, elderly napping, young ones moving about, sister's fanning themselves, elders toughing it out etc. Then we all give them money at the end of the day.


  • blondie
    It's supposed to be 103° in Portland for the entire DC this weekend.

    So is the facility AC'd? I wonder if people would go to a sporting event at an outside area? But then they wouldn't be taking 90-year-old grandma and the grandchildren.


  • juni

    When it's extremely hot outside, the a/c can't keep up w/cooling. These DA sites are not designed for peoples' comfort for all day over a span of several days.

    I consider them cruel and unusual punishment for crimes not commited.


  • BizzyBee

    Ugh! I arrive tomorrow. (No, really.) Two days in DC then on to NC - what were we thinking?

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