What did you first go search for when you had your first computer?

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  • PrimateDave

    First computer? It was a borrowed Sinclair ZX80 if I remember correctly which I used on my parents black and white TV.
    Oh! My first computer! I bought a TI99/4A with a cassette tape deck and a B/W TV. That was a lot of money for a fifteen year old! I don't recall searching for anything on it, though!

  • daystar

    LOL!! Google!! Like Primatedave, my first computer was a TI 99/4A, also with tape cassette drive, but I also had a... speech synthesizer!! Wow...

    My first PC was before the internet was really mainstream. But we used gopher. I can't recall searching for much on that though. I was mainly connected to local Bulletin Board Services. The porn available online back then was horrible, horrible quality, so basically useless... We chatted, played MUDs and MUSHs and shared warez and phreak/hack docs and techniques... all of which are long lost and forgotten.

  • jstalin

    I started on my first computer when I was about 11 years old. That must have been around 1990-1991. It was before the wide availabilty of the internet, but we had local servers that you could dial up to called BBS's (Bulletin Board Systems), which were sorta like the internet, but a lot less inter-connected. Of course, probably some of the first things I looked up were games and porn.

    First computer was a Tandy Color Computer 3.


  • PrimateDave

    Love that ad, J.

    "You may never outgrow it!" LOL!!


  • daystar

    Oh god... I can remember downloading Castle Wolfenstein and later... Quake, Hexen, Heretic, DOOM, for the very first time... they took HOURS to download on my 9600bps modem. But, ohhh, they were worth it!

    Little did I know I could have travelled a few miles to ID headquarters in Mesquite, Texas and convinced the guys to hand me copies on disk.

  • Twitch


  • free2beme

    Porn! LOL Actually my experience online predated Google.

  • Stealth453
  • greendawn

    Back in the mid nineties there was no google, that came up later, back then it was yahoo and alta vista that predominated.

    Surprise surprise my earliest searches were about the JWs and naturally about erotic art. I realised then that the JWs were definitely a cult.

  • Jim_TX

    First computer?
    Well... let's see... I had to build it... it was a SwTPC 6800 with a whoppin 4k static RAM. I bought the bare PCBs and the parts were ordered from various places - mail order.
    There wasn't no 'internet' - well... DARPA may have had it - but the general population didn't know of its' existence.
    That would've been around 1977 - 1978.
    Most people were asking... "What will you use it for?"
    My second computer was a VIC-20 with a whoppin 5k RAM, and built-in BASIC. I really took to that computer. I even built a 300-baud acoustic modem for it, and used it to connect to the mainframe computer where I worked. One needed special permission to do that, as it cost money.
    The internet came along much later. I was using my Amiga 4000 by then.

    Jim TX

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