Wasted 1900 years for Jehovah???

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  • free2beme

    Did everyone else get the impression from the Witness teachings, that Jehovah basically choose no one for the 144,000 heavenly class in the years from 100 AD to 1876 AD? If so, did you feel this way because those years were never spoken of, or did the Witnesses you know say this? I personally asked one time, and was basically told that there may have been a few, but for the most part the numbers in those centuries were very limited and most were in Pentecost and after Russell began his work. Odd isn't it, to disregard 1900 years of people. Saying that there work went unnoticed by the Christian God. So how did you feel about this time frame, in your understand and the understanding of the people you knew in the religion?

  • Seeker4

    Definitely a serious flaw in JW teaching. I've written about this a few times, but it is one of those areas that completely defies logic and history.

    The numbers just don't add up - that there were only 144,000 Christians from 33 CE til 1935 CE, with most of those numbers, perhaps easily 100,000 or more, from 33 to 100 CE and 1876 to 1935 CE.

    It's simply impossible to get that to make sense. I find it one of the impossible JW beliefs to defend.


  • Steve Lowry
    Steve Lowry

    I have brought this issue up many times to JW's. Its an obvious whole in time and one would think that this would create a serious concern for anyone with half a mind, being a JW. The WBTS is quick to claim that God has always had a representative here on the earth. So, when faced with this statement the JW say's there were those throughout the ages that were faithful to Jehovah (albeit a few). No problem I say. Could you please give a list of names of the faithful then? At which point I get blank stares or they don't seem to have the time to discuss it with me any longer. It’s a real pretzel for the JW. Cuz if he gives a name of someone before the inception of the WBTS, then that person must belong to Babylon the Great. I always like to refer them to Fox's Book of Martyrs. Anyone who reads the accounts of these who died for Christ is sure to be moved by their faith and loyalty. Even a JW would be hard pressed to deny them their Christianity. Of course the JW would rather bury his head in the ground concerning those missing 1900 years or so. Kinda like what the JW thinks God did for almost two centuries. I never thought about this dilemma as a JW. But it would sure give me pause now if I still were one.

  • free2beme

    The normal response was always, "We will know in the new system?" Yet they sure did not mind making all sorts of other things up.

  • foundfreedom

    I have always wondered and have asked the same kind of questions and received the answer that it was during the dark period of Christiananity. Doesnt make sinse does it.

  • free2beme

    Does not make any sense? Did those people who died for their god, know they were living in the dark time of Christianity?

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