JWs and the Internet

by JW_Researcher 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • dustrabbit

    Borgia: Resolutions not to enter chat rooms? Hah! Like how often do non-JWs talk about JWs unless one comes to a place like this that actually specializes in JWs?

    Undercover: That story about the computer virus was so funny, but I've actually heard stories similar to that...not so much that apostates were planting the virus, but Satan's *demons* were hard at work to corrupt the young children's heads that lived in the household in question. Talk about superstition, which as we all know, is forbidden by the JWs. What a paradox.

  • Lieu

    For people so in touch with God and having his favor, they sure do have a whacky fear of demons....they see them everywhere and in everything.
    If God is on their side, and he's more powerful than his erring creations of angels (demons), then why the hell are they afraid of demons? Talk about lack of faith. I think its too many horror movies, myself.

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