Toilet paper

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  • serendipity

    Is it ignorance or control or finances? My dad tried to limit us to one or two sheets of TP. It was about the money and the control.

  • juni

    GOOD GOD!!!

    They're at it again. More f***** rules. First it was controlled use of drying paper - now toilet paper. And a time limit you should try to adhere to. What next?


  • anewme

    This makes me want to cry! When I think how hard it was for me and my husband and others dealing with disability to get to these conventions.

    It was just MORE HARDSHIP!!!! But in our state of minds at the time (fully brainwashed) we were happy to be there sharing with thousands of our brothers.

    My husband is/was a full quadriplegic. It was so hard to get there. With our old rickety 1976 van it was sometimes life threatening when we broke down on the way or afterwards. ( I shared before that one year we broke down 11 times and maxed out on our AAA free tows)

    During the last years they wanted us to take with us other handicapped brothers and sisters, adding to my responsibility and exhaustion. Tears are streaming down my face right now remembering those terribly emotionally draining days.

    The mind control and exhaustion and dissappointment drove me mad. I broke down and abandoned my sweet sweet husband, my first love, my companion, who now lives with caretakers dealing with complete paralysis. I loved him. I should be there.

    This is the pain I live with.

    The Watchtower Society is pushing its members to the limit! The act like they are dealing with robots and soldiers not families and people!

  • purplesofa

    Years ago on a very tight of the very first items that came out of that budget was toilet paper. I had a real fear of running out of it. And two pieces are never going to be enough for anyone.

    I would feel so much better if they were asking people to limit tp use for plumbing reasons and not financial.

    I mean thats just unsanitary.......

    My mom bitched about TP use when we were growing up..........I hated it, like she had a hidden camera monitoring if we were using too much.

    I could just see the next concert I go to........and them announcing from the stage..........Ladies could you please limit your time in the restrooms and your TP use!!!


  • Dismembered

    Greetings whatlite,

    :Where does it end?

    It doesn't.


  • hubert
    I remember taking a tour of the Stanley Theatre. I distinctly remember the women's bathroom because it was HUGE! Definitely a big hit with the sisters, who applauded it on the spot.

    Sirnose, you toured the ladies room?


  • Scully

    Next year's Kingdom Ministry will include in the pre-convention protocol reminders:

    In addition to bringing your own bagged lunches, please bring your own toilet paper and waterless hand cleanser for use in the restrooms. This simplification arrangement will free up the attendants to look after actual attending duties rather than changing toilet paper rolls and filling paper towel dispensers between sessions.

    Having said that, I always had a travel packet of Kleenex in my purse and with the little ones I always carried a travel pack of baby wipes to assemblies, because there always seemed to be a shortage of supplies.

  • Balsam

    OMG I had to laugh when I read this one. I remember those horrible long lines, and in the end I was physically handicapped and standing in a long line was near to impossible. I thought as I stood at my last convention, this is the last convention I'll ever be at. I'm about to be free. As it turned out it was the the last day as I didn't go to rest of the convention. Thank goodness I've never nad to go anywhere where I had to wait in line ever again for the bathroom. The organization built Assembly halls have really huge restrooms, and that is wonderful for those who still go.


  • stillajwexelder

    next year he is going to announce that sisters should not wear panties, makes it even faster

    mmm I second that

  • daniel-p
    Bastard has never had to lift a skirt, balance on heels, wipe with one hand, and re-arrange.

    is it normal to wipe with two hands? heheh....

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