List of recent and current court cases against the Tower...

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  • Bryan

    I'd like to build a list here, especially, of current court cases and recent.

    Even if it's only filed.



  • rosa

    here in Brazil there is (or there are? i forgot that english lesson...) a lot of cases, but c. 99% of them are fiscal issue. The Brazilian Supreme Court is , and just place the name "TORRE DE VIGIA" and you obtain all cases,

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    however, some individuals JWs are in criminal cases regarding refusal of blood transfusion combined with children's death after this position. A single list are in Portuguese at my webpage

  • jgnat

    When I went looking they were hard to find, especially those where the WTBTS had lost. It appears if there is any chance of losing, the WTBTS quickly settles and puts in a gag order.

  • rosa

    in Portuguese. Associação Cultural e Bíblica Unidade do Reino = one of many local branchs of Watch Tower "Association".

    a woman (Joseni Salviano da Silva) won a case against the KH after her husband donated a property to congregation. This case was to Brazilian Supreme Court and Joseni won!

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    Rosa, I asked my wife to translate she did the best that she could :-) Mais ella no falla Portuguese, ella falla espanol, and I speak english :-)

  • greendawn

    Rosa how many JWs died in Brazil for refusing blood transfusions? That would be interesting to know.

  • chasson

    thanks for sharing with us this information, Rosa...

    If you want to see a list of child abuse case in french, go



  • rosa


    Saludos a ustedes. Los sitios estan en Portugues mismo. Hasta ahora yo no encontree otros sitios en mi lengua que hablan de casos judiciais contra la Sociedad o Testigos.

    Well, I'll try translate...

    Grettings to you. That website is in Portugues. Until now I didn't find others sites in my language that exposes judicials issues against Wtachtower or JWs.

  • rosa


    I don't have right numbers. Looking for cases in São Paulo Court of Justice, I found 2 kids in São Paulo. In both cases, the JW doctors and parents were issued.

    Regarding others JWs who died for refusing, I have some notice that a doctor called Zelita (see Yearbook 1997, Brazil) and this doctor lives in Florianopolis, south of Brazil. Her speciality is hematology. Many JWs goes to Florianopolis, specially with leukemia. I don't have idea how many of them died.

    Here in Brazil, the "dissidents" are worry more to discuss sex of angels than these important and vital questions.

  • rosa

    For example...

    until now, I didn't find NO ONE JW's pedophilia case in the Brazilian Courts of Justice. And Brazil has got 600 thousands of JWs. I try, try, try..... looking for in the internet and nothing. many brazilian webpages "anti-JW" just talking about subliminal images, trinity and others jokes. Orkut... well, is justa a brazilian carnival and nothing of substancial information. While Associação Torre de Vigia (brazilian branch) smiles and fun about all this...

    why i'm here? using my pooooooor english in a english JW forum???? here we find the right scans, the cool informations.

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