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    Here is a description and pics of a floating KH in Nicaragua. Notice how they had to come up with the funds themselves and where some of the donations came from?? Where was the WTS's helping hand? Oh that's right. Since there wasn't any LAND or PHYSICAL STRUCTURE on the land to own, I'm sure they weren't interested in helping fund this KH. Enjoy, I think...

    Dear All

    Hope you are all well. As usual it?s been a while since our last update.
    Please forgive us but the time to type an email and go to the internet
    caf?Yas been time we never seem able to find. But that?s because we are
    so busy enjoying our assignment.

    Our assignment has become a lot more interesting and to be honest a lot
    more work now that we have finished central Americas first floating
    Kingdom Hall. As most of you will know we had the need of a place to
    meet within the Islands, yet with land so very hard to find and the
    difficulties of the people living on islands it was decided that a
    floating Kingdom Hall was the way to go.

    Within a week this went from my scribbles on a notepad to a real project
    as the first donations arrived. We purchased all the steel we needed and
    decided to get started. As we have never built anything that floats or
    attempted to weld before you can imagine our many concerns we enlisted
    about 6 local brothers and sisters to help with the task at hand.

    After the first few days we had the first section of the framework made
    and then we really started to worry and we think even a few in the
    branch felt the same as a few from the branch came to take a look and
    share in the testing of the first section at the lake. You can imagine
    our joys as it seemed to float very well. Although our worries returned
    as we realized that we still needed two more sections, floor, roof,
    veranda, seats and people we can honestly say we prayed earnestly every
    night and literally one month later through blood ,sweat, and tears it
    was time to launch we spent the day on, in and under the water putting
    the hall together again.

    The branch had been a great support and Bro Ken Brian of the branch
    committee decided to visit for the weekend with his wife Sharon and give
    the first two talks as this hall will be used in more than one place. In
    total we had over 45 in attendance and we didn?t sink!!

    The hall has really become quite famous in the islands everyone waves
    as they see us towing the hall from one side of the islands to the next.

    We were happily surprised with our first meeting attendance as we had
    not preached or informed most of the people in the area that we would be
    having the meeting and then when we arrived and started to anchor the
    hall it started to rain incredibly hard like it does in a rain forest so
    we were thinking that we would have a very low attendance and when the
    three o clock time arrived and past and no one was there we were really
    down but about 4 o clock people started to arrive we were amazed but
    couldn?t be angry over their time keeping as they had walked more than
    half an hour in the rain through the jungle, one carrying 3 children.
    They were literally drenched when they arrived but all were over the
    moon to finally have there own place to meet.

    One thing that has been made clear and commented upon by all is that
    for sure Jehovahs spirit is at work in this remote area. In such a
    little time we have seen so many families who desire to study and a
    memorial attendance of over 70. Several families have separated from
    their prior religion, and made great sacrifices to visit the assembly

    Starting from scribbles in a pad and 5 dollars now we have been able to
    construct a floating Kingdom Hall. All of which could only of been
    possible with the help of Jehovahs spirit and you loving brothers who
    helped in many different ways. Please pass on and forward this email and
    the loving thanks of not only ourselves but the 2 groups that have now
    been formed in the islands of Nicaragua.

    We have received emails and donations from Aruba to Iceland among which
    there were many loving comments and experiences. One family from the
    states told us how the children took the decision to go without Pizza
    night and pocket money to help with the funding of the hall. Another
    brave brother decided to take his guitar and vocal talents to the high
    street in order to raise money, and we are sure that many others
    sacrificed time effort and money too. Its certainly at times like this
    we are reminded of what a privilege it is to be part of such a world
    wide brotherhood.

    As mentioned in the beginning please forgive us if our updates are not
    too often but perhaps you will understand when we tell you that it has
    literally taken 4 days to write this e-mail due to shortage of
    electricity, rainstorms and various other things. Yet please be assured
    that we appreciate your kind words and support every time we make it to
    the internet caf?dWe are attempting to attach a few photos so that you
    can see the floating kingdom hall. As soon as we find the time we will
    upload more photos to the website. www.clubphoto.com and as always just
    put in my email address which is 'removed'@hotmail.com.

    We are currently looking for a truck in order to take our studies from
    the islands to the special assembly day which falls at the end of the
    month. As all have shown such an interest in being there.

    We are awaiting and organizing for a couple who are arriving from
    Canada who are going to work along with us in the more than 100 islands
    we still haven?t preached so we are also looking for either building or
    buying another small boat that they can then use on the other side of
    the islands. So as you can tell there is plenty going on, so remember if
    you feel like a change why not come and visit.

    So that?s about all the news from this side apart from the various new
    wild animals we have been given as donations but that can wait till the
    next email.

    So take care and keep in touch

    All our love and best wishes

    You friends

    John & Heidi Sealey

  • kid-A

    I feel sorry for the J-Dub dweeb "conducting" the study!! Apparently he doesnt realize his "congregation" will consist mostly of tourists trying to get a free river cruise! LOL

    Geez, I wonder where the bathrooms are on that thing? I guess you just drop your pants and squat over the rail at the "back of the hall"

  • tijkmo

    someone donated a plane for the branch to use so they could get to outlying places in nicaragua...ian hunter (branch overseer or member) was over one year visiting his family and looking for someone who could fly a plane

  • karen96

    I guess one advantage is quick baptisms!

    Do they go to the different islands to pick up the dubs? I guess it would be hard to fade from the borg when the kingdom hall comes to pick you up!


  • candidlynuts

    how neat! a floating kh.. can you fish while the meeting is going on?

    is the bro walking out of the trees coming back from using the outdoor plumbing? lol

  • rekless

    check the picture out...doesn't the congregation look so happy? Howes about the youts? Aren't they full of joy, just can't wait to begin to give praise to their hsappy God Jehovah.

  • purplesofa

    the conductor has a bird on his shoulder........lots of kids there.......

    i like it..........no panty hose or heels...

  • Balsam

    What's with the Society not helping with financing a KH, they used to beg for contributions to help these places have KH's yet they haven't spend one thin dime on providing this one? Greedy organization that is for sure. The old governing body have off shore account they are stuffing donations in so the it can benefit no one but them.

  • Warlock

    No bathroom and no room for expansion, either.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    No cloakroom either; where will they beat their chidren?

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