YouTube video - Sinead O'Connor - Fight The Real Enemy

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  • Stephanus
    I am not that bothered, but I am a big Paul Merton fan.

    Should that surprise me? I saw him in the first British series of Whose Line...?, and he couldn't have been more wooden and unfunny than if you crossed Al Gore and John Major!

  • slimboyfat

    Well that makes more sense I suppose, since he was hated more in his previous role and some have commented that he has mellowed since becoming Pope.

    Another classic moment on the show was when they highlighted a T-shirt from the "Cardinal Ratzinger Fanclub" with the slogan:

    Ratzinger - Putting the Smackdown on Heresy Since 1981!


  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Thanks for the link. I allways wanted to see it!

  • Hellrider

    God, Sinead O`Connor is just pathetic. Not that I necessarily disagree with everything she sang, but the woman just reeks of arrogance, self-importance, and the typical leftist view of themselves being morally superior to everyone else. There is nothing brave about holding high the flag of political correctness. Someone should tell her that. I still love her song "Nothing compares to you, though". Her voice is really something.

  • Leolaia

    I saw this happen live, and haven't seen it again since 1992. What surprises me the most is how my memory has altered in the time since I saw it. I remember her chanting "fight the real enemy" several times as she ripped up the photo, which is not what happened. Memory can play tricks on you.

    The photo was of Pope John Paul II btw. And I've heard that when this episode of SNL was rebroadcast on Comedy Central, NBC had doctored the video of this perforance...substituting it with a performance (evidently from rehearsal) of Sinead doing the song but instead of tearing up a photo of the Pope, she holds up a photo of a little boy. I'd love to see a Youtube of that.

  • LDH
    Everyone should just have ignored what she did.

    Everyone did.

    Hellrider, that was originally a Prince song, she just remade it.....FYI

  • Leolaia

    I heard she was ordained as a priest by a sectarian bishop in Northern Ireland and is not recognized as such by the Vatican.

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