Anybody here been an airline flight attendant (or known someone who has)?

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  • bebu

    My Japanese exchange student girlfriend from hs got to be a stewardess--the DREAM job of every Japanese girl in those days!! Only 3 out of 300 applicants were hired on. After flying for about 4-5 years she quit... and said it was just a waitressing job in the air. She didn't miss it. But some people would surely find it a good fit.


  • Iforget

    I flew for a major carrier in the US for 10 years. I loved it and it taught me patience and to be calm during a crisis. Was the training hard? It's no picnic. You have to learn over 13 types of aircraft and be able to evacuate them in 90 seconds or less. I was never a stewardess but I was a Flight Attendant. I was there to save your ass not kiss it. I would get you a coke with a smile in the meantime.

    People have zero idea what it's like in the unfriendly skies. I also flew with some real assholes as well so when they make you miserable as a passenger I can almost guarantee they are making the crew just as miserable.

    Few are chosen and it's not easy to get thru training. Those who view it as "waitress" in the sky are being snooty and need to get a grip. It's a job with a lot of responsibility and a lot of down time and perks. Money is not the reason to do it. You have to fly a lot of hours to get the bigger bucks and bid the correct trips to optomize your dollar. Hard work but in the's in your blood and we are all family even after retirement.

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