July Kingdom Ministry 2006

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  • johnzogby4

    Hello! I am new here and was wondering if anybody could help me! I tried posting this before but for some reason it doesnt seem to show up on the forum when i look back. Let me apologize in advance if i am doing something incorrectly.

    I was wondering if anybody could by any chance scan and post the July Kingdom Ministry for me, preferably in spanish but english would be ok too, and post on here or send it to me privately. I would soooo appreciate it.

    I need it to give to my cousin, because her mother is a JW and is trying to make her study with her while she is getting ready for meetings, and my cousin wants to have the KM in advance so that she can prepare to find arguments and mistakes and issues in the KM which she can bring up to her mother.

    If anybody could do that for me i would be SOOOO appreciative.

    Thank You!

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi johnzogby4, and welcome to the forum.

    Iam afraid I can't help you with the july km, I don't attend meetings now, but I hope someone can get it for you.

  • johnzogby4

    Thanks, can i ask where you found my post? Because for some resason it does not show up when i look at the Friends forum.
    Thanks again!

  • fullofdoubtnow

    You're welcome, and I found it in Active Topics. I can't see it in Friends either.

  • johnzogby4

    Oh ok, thanks. I wonder why its not showing up. If anybody knows please let me know.

    Also, i would like to add that if anybody has any points from this KM that she might be able to bring up, i would really appreciate that too!

  • serendipity

    Hi john and welcome!

  • Swan

    Welcome John!

  • bikerchic

    Welcome John!

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