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  • pallemar

    What part of the bible, goes against, wathtower doctrins?

    I can gues, here is a lot.
    is here a homepage with it?

    fx, 5 moses book kapter 18 part 20-22

  • mrsjones5

    Romans for a start.

  • robhic

    While not a direct answer for your question, try this website for some eye-opening things: http://www.qwotes.info/index.htm

  • Shazard

    I think Hebrews, John and Luke. Hebrews 1-2 throws away their doctrine of Jesus = Angel and reclaims that he is Creator of the World. John teaches exactly that Jesus is God by nature. Luke is nice to show Christ's bodily ressurection and his talk to Moses and Eliah - so dead are not Dead!

  • Stealth453

    If I may, I believe the question should be..."What wt doctrine goes against the bible?"

    Answer....ALL OF IT!!!!

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I feel a great start is the book of Galations. In the first chapter there are a nubmer of diffeant things that show the opposite of some basic Wt teachings.

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