World eBook Fair

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  • mrsjones5

    From July 4th to August 4th you can download books from a list of 1/3 million.

    Try it:



  • Nina
  • candidlynuts

    Great link!! thanks for posting it

    there are a lot of different topics and book subjects..even film archives

    heres one some might find interesting..

    Sacred Religious Text Collection
    A Collection of the World's Myths, Legends, Religions, and Sacred Works.
    The Sacred Religious Text Collection are the works that changed the world. It is a limited collection and is currently being developed. However, it includes some of the most important scholarly and theological works in the history of human kind. (653 PDF eBooks)
  • candidlynuts

    i emailed the website about an index of the available books and they emailed me back stating that they will have a complete listing in a few days. so check back researchers if you want.

    probably nothing jw related but some books that are good for referencing are available.

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