Test your rational thinking ability

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  • gaiagirl

    Found this test which is a series of True/False questions. The program keeps track of your answers, and notifies you when you answer in a manner inconsistent with your earlier answers. I managed to only have one inconsistincy. Here is the link, you may have to copy-and paste into your browser window. Apologies for formatting, my SeaMonkey browser has a few problems with the forum. http://www.philosophyquotes.net/cgi-bin/god_game1.cgi?num=0&hits=0&bullets=0&bulletcount=0&hitcount=0

  • Nina

    Question 16 is a bit tricky!


  • SixofNine

    Took no hits, bit no bullets. Medal of honor, woohoo!

  • wednesday

    took 1 hit and one bullet. For what's it is worth, I was aware when i took the hit and bullet, the questions are really tricky and really do test your ability to think rationaly.

    the test said I did very well, second below the medal of honor.

  • SirNose586

    Looks like I've got some work to do. I suffered one direct hit and bit four bullets.


    The main problem with this "test" is that it presented a number of false dilemnas. The issue of the rapists is one of them. One direct hit and 0 bitten bullets.

  • BizzyBee

    2 Direct Hits and Bit one Bullet.

    I usually do better than this on mind puzzles. This is really more about consistency of your thinking, IMO.

    Thanks for passing this along.

  • AuldSoul

    Well, what a DAY this has been. I got tons accomplished AND got the Medal of Honor while starting with belief in God!

    No hits, no bullets. Hey Six, I bet we started off on a different foot, eh?

    Just wanted to pop in quickly at the end of a long day.


  • CaptainSchmideo

    Another problem with this test is the "either/or" questions. Haven't we been warned against these kind of arguments?

  • 5thGeneration

    I think that test is stupid.

    It totally discounts any level of faith that people may have in a Creator. Sorry, but comparing God to the Lochness Monster doesn't hold much water to me.

    Also, claiming some whack job rapist who has psychotic voices in his head that God told him to do something is really irrelevant to the argument of faith.

    Me: 1

    Obsessed Atheist who came up with this silly 'test': ZERO

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