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  • vomit

    A tad off topic, in lands where the work is under ban, some of the mags will be printed with words ommited. e.g. Jehovah, Jehovahs Witnesses, WTBTS etc with be blocked out. Funnily enough Jesus`s name wont be omitted.

    Dutch bibles have groves cut into the pages of the bible like a large dictionary which makes it easier to find the scripture.

    Here in Japan, Witlesses have plastic covers for their mags that they give away with them. As far as I know the society provides them. Since they are specifically made for the mags. I could probably get a hold of them if anybody wanted.

  • Stealth453

    Although from Canada, I now live in the Philippines. I do my utmost to avoid the watchquirer and asleep magazines, but...every so often one passes my line of site. I cannot comment on content, but the cover presentation is very much local.

  • Stealth453

    As far as I know the society provides them.

    For a sizeable donation, of course. The wt does nothing for free. There is always a price.

  • blondie

    Stealth, there may be a price, but it is no longer monetary up front; they may hint, hint, hint, to put some money in the worldwide work contribution box.

    I was told that the WTS avoided putting on covers that featured black people in countries where black people were not looked upon favorably. If you look at the illustrations/pictures in the WT publications starting from the 1950's and moving towards 2006, you will see how few black people are depicted in the 1950's and 1960's and now more and more they have a mix of people, a good sales technique if you are trying to increase your numbers. There is no prejudice when it comes to the color green (money).

    The covers and pictures are carefully selected, probably even more so than the text in the publications.


  • NewYork44M

    You bring up a good question. Some things that are "wt gospel" do not translate to anything in other countries. For example, the movie rating system (PG,PG13, R etc) is an american rating system. While the wt can prove through scripture that you cannot go to an "R" rated movie and there are extensive articles about the subject, the rating system means nothing outside the boarders of the US.

    I remember going to a foreign country and hearing that an elder took a group of youth to a movie with no thought that it may have been inappropriate. The same movie in the US was rated "R." Taking youth to an R rated movie would have been a death sentence for any elder in the US.

  • Forscher

    One time an elder in my congregation went on a trip to New York and came back with a packet he picked up there of a single month of the Watchower in all the variations printed world-wide. I can confirm that at the time the picures and illustrations were different from region to region. But this was before the Simultanious publishing arraingement.
    I personally own some of the literature in many languages. All of my Require brochures are the same, with the exception of the one in a language which uses the Arabic alphabet (Urdu). Everything in that one ais reveresed into a mirror image of the English one. I have the Bible Story book in a number of languages as well. The one in German has all of the pictures in color, unlike most editions which have some of the pictures in black and white. I guess it it because of the regulation of the printing industry over there which pretty much demands German printers turn out better work over there. In fact, most anything produced by the German branch is better in quality than from any other branch.
    The edition of the Bible Story book printed for distribution in Russia is smaller in size than the English version. I have no idea why. That is about all I know on this question.

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