Mind control, evil and projection - the Law of Attraction

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  • serendipity

    Hi DJSadhu and welcome!

    I do think there is something to the law of attraction!

  • SirNose586

    I agree with a few points you make on the Law of Attraction, but as for the witnesses...I don't think they have any power to make the world more negative. They aren't the ones doing the actual work of spreading fear and death. You give them more credit than they are worth. As for being focused on that stuff in their personal lives, then yes, witnesses are really obsessed with tragic acts as a way to justify their eschatological beliefs.

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    Hello DJSadhu and a Warm Welcome to you! That was a great first post, I totally agree with what you are saying.. When "The Secret" movie first came out I was amazed, it made so much sense and since then it has really enhanced my view on things. When I watched it I felt compelled to share it on here, but failed to mention that the movie was not free, and was blasted by some, although others were receptive and in the end, I'm glad I mentioned it. We truly attract things to ourselves, the constant rhetoric of things are so bad in the world only feeds that fear and makes it worst, the news media, the government, other religions they are all contributing to the mess we are in, hopefully people will start to open their eyes and see that these are the best times in history to be alive in, we have endless opportunities and can choose to make our lives better.


  • hideme

    Even if JW's wouldn't change the world in a bad way...the only thing they're focussed on is bad things, not love. The average Talk is build up like this:

    Talking about how bad this world is regarding.... (fill in the blank)

    How JW should NOT be so bad

    How we can prevent oureselves for becoming such bad persons.

    It's 45 minutes focussing on the things we DON'T want.

    Now I understand why my husband (and a lot of others in my cong.) get really depressed in KH...and they don't ever realise what's the cause!!!

    So, in the minds of JW's are a lot of unwanted things. Maybe that explains why there is so much mental illness among them. And that is sad enough.

  • DjSadhu

    Thanks for the warm welcome on this forum. I have continued with a new post: "Power to change this world"

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