FLUFF WARNING......Dog owners/anyone watch the Dog Whisperer?

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  • restrangled

    I am notoriously run over by dogs. But after watching the dog whisperer I have been preparing for my new adoption with hopes of being more in control.

    Low and behold I'm cleaning my garage today and a neighbor strolled by with a huge dog. I waved and came into the street to see her new "monster" size dog. Remembering what I learned, I took on the attitude of a dominant person. Her dog, a full grown Irish Wolf Hound jumped back from me so fast it was embarrassing.

    Apparently the techniques work!

    Also I had two huge loose pit bulls come into my backyard and I instantly panicked, caught myself and became the one in charge. Without saying a word I started pointing to them to get out without saying a word and they ran like hell.

    Anybody else watching this series?


  • LDH

    Besides being a GENIUS about Dog behavior, Cesar Milan is HOT HOT HOT. Love that show.

  • wheres caleb?
    wheres caleb?

    I agree!

    Cesar Millan is amazing. Loving dogs doesn't necessarily make us a good dog owner.

    The show teaches us how to understand our canine friends and become the pack leader in their world.

    Great show.

  • mrsjones5

    I love the show too.


    I stumbled on him quite by accident. But I love that show, and I love how he handles animals. I was doing a lot of the exact same things with the dogs I owned a long time ago. They knew who was pack leader.

    One thing that I learned from him was controlling the dog's sniffing about. I try not to miss an episode, and I am planning on buying his book.

    The man is great, and so calm with some of those viscious ankle-biters.

  • schne_belly

    Yes, Mr Schne and I do enjoy watching the show too.

    I think it's great.... he "saves" these trouble dogs from being given up or euthanized for their problem behaviors. I do believe in most cases it IS the owner/human that can cause the problem. We have learned a lot regarding how to train our own dog. Still have a ways to go to get him to stop barking at everyone that comes to the door or walks down the street, but he's getting better.

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