What is your favorite WT quotation?

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  • Odrade

    The one that says reading the Awake is equivalent to a college education.

  • JH
    The one that says reading the Awake is equivalent to a college education.

    I never heard of that one Odrade.....lol I have a college education,and behold the rat....hahha

  • blondie

    With credit to stilla


    w00 9/1 p. 28 Jehovah Always Rewards His Loyal Ones ***

    As we arrived for the meeting one Sunday in 1938, two elderly sisters greeted us, and one said: "Young Brother, have you taken your stand for Jehovah yet? You know, Armageddon is just around the corner!" I knew that Jehovah is the only true God, and I was convinced that this is his organization. I wanted to be part of it, so on October 15, 1938, I was baptized.


    w98 8/1 p. 21 ‘We Have Done What We Ought to Have Done’ ***

    There a home for pioneers was maintained, and the cost for room and board was $10 a month. We had some savings that we thought would easily last us to Armageddon. (Revelation 16:14, 16) After all, we always thought that Armageddon was just around the corner. So when we started to pioneer, we gave up our home and dropped everything else.

    We pioneered in Baltimore from 1942 to 1947.


    w79 4/15 p. 7 "To Be, or Not to Be"—An Atomic Physicist ***

    Three months later, on August 22, 1943, we were baptized at a convention in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

    At that time many of us believed that Armageddon was just around the corner. (Rev. 16:14, 16) So we felt that we should devote more time to the preaching work, as Teije and Elsie were doing.


    w86 3/15 p. 17 par. 6 Allow No Place for the Devil! ***

    Armageddon and the new system have been "right around the corner" for years now. I’m tired of waiting.’


    w95 3/1 p. 17 par. 14 Living Up to Our Dedication "Day After Day" ***

    Do you ever make that mistake? When you dedicated yourself to Jehovah, did you think Armageddon was just around the corner? Has Jehovah’s patience been longer than you expected? Remember, we did not dedicate ourselves to Jehovah just for a certain period of time or merely until Armageddon. Our dedication continues forever. So, then, "let us not give up in doing what is fine, for in due season we shall reap if we do not tire out."—Galatians 6:9.

  • Stealth453

    HOLY SMOKES...thats some big corner. hehe

  • LDH
    He merely uses the servant class to publish the interpretation after the supreme court by Christ Jesus reveals it.

    Well I guess JR was right! They're not inspired! But wait a minute, if they don't have a direct pipeline to God, how does Jesus reaveal it?

    Leo and Blondie those are hilarious, thanks! MORE MORE....

    I like the one where they advertised the Electronic Radio Biola and also told people that vaccines were just pus-filled immunizations.

  • Confession


    I looove that quote too. In fact I devote a bit of time to discussing it in my ever-evolving treatise, "Why the Watchtower Society is Not What it Purports To Be." Here's a snip...


    To me, this is a clear “dancing” around the issue. The claim is made that Jesus has entrusted all his “earthly goods” to them and uses them to “publish” interpretations. But they are not actually doing the interpreting. No. God and Christ do so. Does this make sense? How is this different from any other religion whom the Watchtower Society itself would accuse of being a false prophet? Yes, even they are not suggesting their interpretations have come entirely from their own powers, but that they were supposedly supplied with them by God. Does this salvage their reputation with the Watchtower Society? Certainly not.

    God and Christ have no need to interpret something for themselves that they have already set forth in the scriptures. It is we humans who need an interpretation. Who gives it to us? The Watchtower Society. So God and Christ inspired the writing of the scriptures and supply the meaning of it to some in association with the Watchtower Society, and those men publish this meaning to the rest of us.

    While they may disclaim being “inspired,” they definitely claim to be the one agency on earth to whom God is communicating. The one agency he has ‘made responsible’ to distribute his truths. They often refer to God’s “revealed truth.” If it is revealed, who revealed it? The assertion is that God revealed it. If God revealed it, how can it be anything other than inspired and infallible?

  • Confession

    Here are some of my faves...

    [Watchtower 1922 July 15, p.217]

    "This chronology is not of man, but of God. Being of divine origin and divinely corroborated , present-truth chronology stands in a class by itself, absolutely and unqualifiedly correct...."

    [Watchtower, November 15, 1963]

    It is not persecution for an informed person to expose a certain religion as being false.

    [The Truth That Leads to Eternal Life, 1968, p. 13]

    We need to examine, not only what we personally believe, but also what is taught by any religious organization with which we may be associated. Are its teachings in full harmony with God's Word, or are they based on the traditions of men? If we are lovers of the truth, there is nothing to fear from such an examination.

  • Merry Magdalene
    Merry Magdalene
    We, therefore, assure the reader that we have no ulterior motive in putting out this message. It is not propaganda. There is no desire nor effort to induce the reader to join anything. The motive for this publication is wholly unselfish. --Millions Now Living Will Never Die, J.F. Rutherford, IBSA, 1920


  • nicolaou

    *** w89 9/1 p. 19 Remaining Organized for Survival Into the Millennium ***7 Only Jehovah’s Witnesses, those of the anointed remnant and the “great crowd,” as a united organization under the protection of the Supreme Organizer, have any Scriptural hope of surviving the impending end of this doomed system dominated by Satan the Devil.

  • slimboyfat

    What about the one:

    "Sometimes a member of a class will refuse to engage in canvassing for the books because there are some mistakes in the books. As everyone knows, there are mistakes in the Bible"(WT 4/15/1928, p.126).


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