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  • Shazard

    What about using WT tactics against them?
    How to attract JW and keep them long enough to get chances to reach their mind and plant seeds of doubt about WT?

  • JH

    Usually, they don't want to be with un believers or even less apostates, so they don't get to hear other points of view.

  • Terry

    It would be like offering plump women to Hugh Hefner.

  • Shazard

    But somehow YOU got out. How should "apostates" act to get you out faster! What should other christians or just normal ppl do in your time to get your attention and get truth about "truth" faster in your mind in times when you were JW?

  • Axelspeed

    To be honest in my case there is nothing anyone could have done, especially someone who was a known and labeled "apostate". Not while I was still in. I just really got to the point (on my own) where i couldn't do it / didn't want to do it anymore, even if they were right about everything. I was just content to go down with the other billions at the big A. If I went any further the way I was going I wasn't going to make it that far anyway.
    On the other hand, there were a couple of individuals who left me with a well thought out question or 2 and then left it at that. They didn't try to argue, or openly criticize the org, just left a question that made you say hmmm. From that point my own thinking processes took over, and coupled with my own malaise about the whole jw thing and how it was affecting my mood, I was on my way out. Learning what I know now just cemented my decision and went aways in getting rid of the fear and guilt.
    Different things work for different people, but overall I think a jw has to be ready to receive the information or contemplate the question presented.


  • parakeet

    ***How should "apostates" act to get you out faster!***
    I believe the process of leaving the WTS is one that cannot be hurried along without repercussions. If the "apostate" doesn't do anything at all, the JW may never leave. Yet, pushing the JW (no matter how well-intentioned) may cause him/her to pull back defensively into the "truth," even more entrenched against anything you have to say.
    I'm sure one of the many cult deprogramming books often mentioned on this forum have much to say about this question. Can someone help here?

  • Axelspeed

    Just to elaborate on my previous post.
    To a jw, an "apostate" is the most dangerous being walking on 2 legs. Worse than a fornicator, thief, prostitute or drug addict. When an apostate speaks, a jw automatically see a serpent's tongue slip in and out as the words are being uttered. They have been conditioned to believe that an apostate is as close to satan/demon as a human can get.
    To break through this defense mechanism takes incredible effort on the person extending the help and/or a lot of courage and self-determination on the part of the jw.
    For this reason the person best in a position to help is someone still in who is on his way out. Even someone who is not known as an "apostate" has a better chance of being heard. Living in an area where no one knows your past jw history helps a lot in this case.
    A person who is known as an apostate can do the greatest good by innoculating those outside from ever becoming a jw in the first place.


  • Warlock


    You are so right.

    Many of us just needed that "Hmmmmmmm" moment, and that will get the ball rolling. That moment has to come from within, because many times the other points of view are met with stiff resistence.


  • Shazard


  • SirNose586

    I agree that it has to be someone who is still in the Org, but mentally gone. Like myself. My goals are to talk about the child abuse cases and the other controversies (1975, Mexico/Malawi), and to give people relief outside of the publications and books.
    Just enough to plant a seed. There are some intelligent people in my congregation, and at least one is my friend, but they need to learn to think for themselves. Case in point: the P.O. in my hall, in his prayers, often says that now is "the last hour of the last day." I was disturbed when I heard that. Wasn't 1925 the last hour? Then 1975? I can't confront the P.O. about it, but I asked my friend how he felt about it. "Well it's obviously the last hour because we can tell..." and he just trailed off. I could see the conflict in his mind. Something doesn't add up to him. When the chance comes to talk about it again, I will do more work on that.
    Only mentally freed persons in the Org can influence others to escape it.

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