Real Estate is a bad investment. Don't buy a house!

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  • MinisterAmos

    Awake 5/22/75

    Real Estate offers little in the way of security. Property owners suffer from heavy taxation, high maintenance costs, vandalism and inability of tenents to pay their rent......

    This was not a reminder to stay simple, it is a gentle order. Don't Buy! Keep Renting! Comply! Obey!

    First, even in 1975 real estate was recognized as THE prime investment. WTBS recognized this as well considering that they have been buying steadily and not renting KH's.

    Why then the outright lie to discourage ownership? I can think of several reasons beyond the obvious: that of having more donation money.

    If Dubz are kept from property ownership (and penniless in old-age) they are more vulnerable to manipulation by the Org. The Org fully understands the benefits of ownership particularly as we see real estate prices climbing ever higher. They also know about "reverse-mortgages" which allow oldsters to remain in their house while the buyer pays out the purchase price as an annuity. This would have been a great way to keep those older Dubz out of the gutter.

    The Org is only thinking of itself and to heck with the R&F. If the Org needs Dubz to fill a new Congo it is harder for renters to find excuses than for owners. I have witnessed this many times in my short association with the Dubz.

    Add this to the other ways they suck members dry and the Org is exposed as the monster it is.

  • greendawn

    Real estate is always a reliable investment in the long run, yet they are showing a negative side. Maintainance costs are not a problem if the house was checked out properly before purchase and price adjusted accordingly, vandalisms are normally covered by house insurance, and tennents usually pay (check out their job/bank/ex landlord references beforehand) and if they don't they go out after a court decision. Property prices rise much faster than costs.

    Anyone following that advice will have regretted it for sure. Again the devious org is seriously harming its members' interests.

  • Balsam

    Oh I remember that magazine article well. That article kept my then JW husband and I from buying a wonderful 3 bedroom house at a super price. The brother and sister who had it for sell was practically giving it to us. We were so darn stupid listening to the organization and turned it down saying the end was coming soon got to live simply. Years later after we had kids in the 1980's we did buy a house that cost us about 5 times as much for a smaller house. Dumb, purely dumb.

  • Purza
    Years later after we had kids in the 1980's we did buy a house that cost us about 5 times as much for a smaller house.

    I am glad you finally did get a house. My parents were lame and NEVER bought a house -- they totally missed out on affordability in the SF Bay Area. Sad.


  • restrangled

    I can't believe you found that quote. Apparently my parents did not abide by that little rule. They paid off their home in the 80's, made a 300% profit selling in the late 90's, bought cheap property here and doubled their money in 4 years, bought cheap again (2 properties) made 50% on both and were able to pay cash again for a home with enough left over to send the society $100,000.00 who is gracious as to pay them 6 percent until my mom dies. Then they retain the balance. Oh and by the way incase you want to leave your realestate to us, don't hesitate to call us so we can help you!

    Anything coming out of those headquarters should be trashed. A bunch of 80 to 100 year old morons, totally protected from the outside. Their life span proves they are coddled, babied, and have never lived a day with much stress....never worrying about a roof over the heads, how to feed a family, pay for the power, water, or telephone bill. How to keep the car running, oil, gas, insurance or brake maintenance. How to pay the income tax bill, real estate tax, mow a lawn, maintain a home, appliances failing. Shopping at a grocery store, trying to make ends meet while you spend $200.00 to feed your family and you still come up short at the end of the week. God forbid you should get ill, and try to make up the amount your insurance doesn't cover, or god help you if can't get insurance.

    Much like England's Monarchy.... Isn't the queen in her late 90's still shuffling around making decisions. And the Pope, which they hate,..... they are living no differently. SOB'S!


    ARRRRG. The whole works make me sick.


  • DannyHaszard

    Staying Alive till '75 I was there people!

    Chalk Hill landmark sold for condos
    Los Angeles Daily News, CA - 5 hours ago
    ... It's the first time the 8.3-acre parcel, on what is known as Chalk Hill, has changed hands since the Jehovah's Witnesses bought it from (Bob) Hope in 1974. ...

    Chalk Hill landmark sold for condos

    By Gregory J. Wilcox
    Staff Writer

    WOODLAND HILLS -- A decades-old San Fernando Valley landmark once owned by the late Bob Hope has been sold to a residential development partnership for $25 million, officials said Wednesday.

    It's the first time the 8.3-acre parcel, on what is known as Chalk Hill, has changed hands since the Jehovah's Witnesses bought it from Hope in 1974.

    Look at this,the Watchtower bought this one year before the end of the world 1975,at a time that i remember they were ordering the rank and file dubs to liquidate their assets and go all out for the Kingdom of God.

    This is also a time period that Brooklyn H.Q. was really crying poor mouth ( JW children were sending in their piggy banks {Jehovah's pennies} i was giving them my paper route and egg money from my 20 hens). I alone have been extorted tens of thousands of dollars of my life savings by the greedy bastards as an adult.

  • DannyHaszard

    Yes you read it correctly the hypocrite Watchtower Bought Bob Hope's house in 1974

  • MinisterAmos
    Real estate is always a reliable investment in the long run, yet they are showing a negative side

    Of course it's reliable; just ask someone in a "hot" area like Key Biscayne, FL about the house they paid $50,000 for in 1975 that is now valued at $2Million+.

    The Org dishes out a constant diet of fear mongering and contrarianism. Dooms-Day cult.

  • VM44

    In that same Awake! issue appeared this ad. --VM44 *** g75 5/22 p. 32 Could the World’s End Be Near? ***

    Could the World’s End Be Near?

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    Read the startling answers in the book "The Nations Shall Know that I Am Jehovah"—How? This hard-covered book of 416 pages contains a detailed consideration of the Bible book of Ezekiel. Only 50c, postpaid.

    Please send me "The Nations Shall Know that I Am Jehovah"—How? for which I enclose 50c. Send also the gift booklet "This Good News of the Kingdom."

  • LDH

    what really frosts my buns is when they ask their people to loan them money. The majority of JWs have no hard assets to speak of. The message is, "LISTEN to us about not accumulating material possestions, but if you don't can we borrow some money from you?"

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