Did Masonic Judges Sabotage Lawrences Hughes Case To Protect The WT?

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  • Gumbley

    Most people who are familiar with how the system works, know that most judges are Masons. That is how you get to the next level, by being initiated into the 32 or 33rd degree of Freemasonry. Were the Masonic judges dealing with Lawrence Hughes attempt to sue the Watchtower acting in accordance with Masonic law to protect the best interest of the brotherhood? If the Watchtower is secretly run by Freemasons, which I believe it is, than the judges would have to throw the case out, because in the Masonic brotherhood, Masons cannot decide unfavourably against another member. Did Lawrence Hughes have such a good chance of winning that the judges knew it and for the sake of the org, they purposely threw the case out the window?

  • Scully

    Ianone, you really need a new hobby.

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    Having had quite a lot of dealings with judges, and with masons, and having been in a position to investigate these things (although only in the UK) I can only suggest an answer from my own experience.

    My answer is 'No, probably (or even almost certainly) not'.

  • Finally-Free

    Thanks. My morning roll of the eyes was long overdue.


  • sir82

    Personally, I think the lizard-eyed bailiffs were in on it, too.

  • Uzzah

    As someone who has been at the relative top of the feeding chain as a JW in Canada (Bethel elder, assisting in the Writing Dept and Service Dept) and since leaving the BORG becoming a 32 degree Mason, the answer is definitely NO. There was no Masonic involvement in Lawrence's case.

    You can be disfellowshipped from the JW's for being a Mason (interfaith). No member of the Branch Committee in Canada have anything to do with Masons. I looked up their names and no records can be found of any of them ever having any involvement. FYI Paul Bernardo (child rapist and serial killer) was a Mason at one point in Toronto and his records can still be found. So if they were going to bury anyone's association one would think that would be a good place to start.

    I also have been in contact with the appropriate Grand Lodges in the US and again no member of the GB can be found their records.

    I have been completely supportive of Lawrence's case including providing evidence and counsel to his legal team. So if I felt my being a Mason would have made a difference, logically (I know logic is a stretch for some conspiracy fanatics) I would have done so in support of his case.


    Caveate: To my knowledge I have no lizard DNA within me.

  • BizzyBee
    Caveate: To my knowledge I have no lizard DNA within me.

    Standard lizard stonewalling.

  • kid-A

    He may be onto something here. I recently found photos of :

    1) The Trial Judge

    and 2) The Jury:

    Now, you do the math!! LOL

  • Finally-Free
    Caveate: To my knowledge I have no lizard DNA within me.

    yeah, yeah. that's what they all say.


  • Robdar

    Personally, I think the lizard-eyed bailiffs were in on it, too. OMG, You've really done it now! If you speak their name, they will come!! Everybody run and hide!!!

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