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  • Terry

    How do scientific advances compare with the Watchtower's NEW LIGHT growing brighter and brighter? Let's take a look!

    Science measures, quantifies, tests and predicts. Science asks skeptical questions and provides provisional answers which are presented for peer review. The Scientific Method frames its data in such a way that the content can be subjected to disproof.

    Science presents its case from the standpoint of a refining process that actively looks for error to make corrections. Revision is sought to shed light on error in this self-correcting mechanism.

    Compare Science to the New Light doctrine of Jehovah's Witnesses and look at the differences.

    Science starts out with provisional data and shapes it into a hypothesis for testing.

    The Watchtower starts out with the direction of Jehovah and shapes it into a pronouncement which is not to be questioned.

    Science arranges the data into a testable hypothesis which is called "Falsifiability". This means there is a way you can prove the hypothesis null.

    The Watchtower condemns dissent and labels it as "fighting against God". Debate is quashed.

    Science identifies error and invites the review of any experimentation in order to reshape they hypothesis into stronger data for further tests.

    The Watchtower always assumes that "disproofs" offered by others are attacks and responds with ad hominem denunciations and a call for blind obedience.

    Science presents the strongest data to the scientific community as a Theory which represents the best possible explanation of a phenomenon. A theory is always provisional. The theory which stands the test of time becomes a Law. A scientific Law is the strongest statement of reality possible under state of the art testing. Even a scientifica Law is considered provisional. This means it is considered true until such time it can be demonstrated to be quantifiably in error.

    The Watchtower paints itself into corners where reality demonstrates them wrong and there is no way to save face but produce NEW LIGHT.

    New Light is a face-saving means of pretending their pronouncements from Authority were merely efforts at being right. Being WRONG is reshaped into a demonstration of their willingness to explain something not-quite-correct with enthusiasm. The world at large is expected to respond by saying: "Nice try! Thanks for the effort. No harm done." Instead, they seek to avoid being labeled FALSE PROPHETS.

    A series of tests and provisional statements of "this is how it appears to be so far" is quite different from: "God Almighty says this is true and you better believe it". Wouldn't you say?

    Where does "trust" become an issue?

    Ask yourself what science has produced and how it has improved mankind's day to day life. Then, compare these results to what New Light has given Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Science has given mankind electricity to light their homes and cities and the technology to move information at the speed of light.

    The Watchtower has given mankind Armageddon predictions which interrupt their lives and put them on hold while they scurry to spread the false rumor by knocking on doors and exchanging propaganda for money.

    Science has given us the Germ Theory which has lengthened mankind's lifespan and staunched the spread of infections, epidemics and illnesses.

    The Watchtower has given us the pronouncement that germs don't cause illness! Pasteurized milk is a fraud. Aluminum cookware is poison.

    Science has given us Gene Theory which enables us to predict birth defects and fight off the transmission of inheritable crippling afflictions.

    The Watchtower has given us the admonition that there is no need for higher education, a comfortable standard of living or a need for future planning because all of mankind's problems will be solved from the outside.

    New Light is the greatest darkness.

    The mechanism of Science is the willingness to be wrong and to correct error for the benefit of mankind.

    The mechanism of New Light is to hide error and misrepresent hubris as progress.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas


    Too bad (for him) Greg Stafford hasn't spoken with you, T.

  • Terry

    Glorantha Glorantha hallelujah...his truth is marching on.......!

  • stevenyc

    Oh, come on Terry, you can do better than this. This is shooting fish in a barrel. You could have compared New Light to Dunking Donuts and come out with the same result.


  • Terry

    New Light versus Dunkin' Donuts

    1.New Light gives us the shape of things to come. But, it never shapes up.

    Dunkin' Donuts gives us a robust assortment of trans fats that modify our external appearance into an oblate spheroid.

    2.New Light warns us against the technology of the Internet

    Dunkin' Donuts permits us to combine the technology of coffee-drinking with the absorbent properties of sugary dough deep-fried in grease.

    3.New Light provides us with Jehovah's protective ark of salvation

    Dunkin' Donuts surrounds us in a comfortable atmosphere rich in police protection.

  • BizzyBee
    Dunkin' Donuts surrounds us in a comfortable atmosphere rich in police protection.


    Yet again you are casting your pearls before swine. We are not worthy....................


  • LDH
  • Terry

    LDH, if you were a donut I wouldn't leave a crumb on my plate!

  • LDH

    Terry I just fainted dead away.


    Crueller Class

  • Terry

    Yet again you are casting your pearls before swine. We are not worthy....................


    Aww, I'm just hamming it up and porking fun at the WTBTS. Sometimes I can be a boar.

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