JW Requirements for "Christian" Baptism

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  • AlanF

    Great information, AuldSoul and Blondie!

    The JW baptismal rite is indeed a control issue, because it's the rite that formally joins a newbie to the cult. The vows are most certainly a means for the Society to protect itself legally from lawsuits about disfellowshipping, because when a person voluntarily vows to obey cult leaders, he cannot legally claim that he did not know what he was doing. Ray Franz covers this in his books.


  • AuldSoul

    The shame of it is, no current JW has had the courage to openly and directly admit that this "pre-baptismal requirements" doctrine of Jehovah's Witnesses has NO Scriptural backing at all.

    What is a lurker to think of a religion that cannot even Scripturally defend God's "requirements" for baptism? Hopefully, they will become wise and acknowledge that while their individual search for truth is admirable, they will only fall into a net of traditions and doctrines of men. What JWs have to offer is not from God. Anyone wanting to preserve their anonimity but wishing for more information, feel free to send me a Private Message: Send Message


  • AuldSoul

    Bumping to the top for any JWs who might want to try and defend their doctrine.

  • BroMac

    nice thread i came across while searching.

    ill always remember the old brother who went through the questions with me. he would not let me look at my book which had 'answers' written all over the pages.

    he said close the book

    pick up the bible

    now lets talk about it

  • garyneal

    I recall asking an elder 2 years ago why the baptismal questions where like they were. In essence, baptizing you to an organization. He explained that years ago, they would not go through the 120 questions to prepare an individual for baptism and when that individual went door to door as a baptized publisher, that individual still believed in hell fire and / or the trinity.

    Sometimes there would be an awkward moment at the door when a newly baptized publisher would contradict the more experience publisher over some of these doctrines. That is why they go through all this study and questioning. He's been in the 'truth' for 50 years.

    I guess that is one way to spin it for the publishers, it keeps the rank and file happy when dealing with these very questions raised by the OP.

  • Ding

    The baptism emphasis in the New Testament is on the individual having come to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Today's emphasis in WTS baptism is on pledging unquestioning loyalty to the "faithful and discreet slave organization" and its Governing Body.

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