Disassociate the Inactive? Maybe Not.

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  • Justice-One
    I have little doubt that this will be coming soon. They have to react to this threat, and it is a very real threat. It will also reactivate many (if only as a show) who will want to maintain relationships with friends and family

    Ohh please let them do this! I would finally be OUT all the way. Free at last.

    But has there been any rumblings about this?

  • restrangled


    As an inactive one of over 30 years, I backed up my Mom to invest $100,000.00 in the society with a return of 7.0 percent until she dies. She couldn't get a better return elsewhere. I realize they are betting she is dead before they break even. They keep the principle and of course this comes out of my inheritance.

    They better be damned careful! She wanted to invest another "100k" and I talked her out of it right before I was shunned. I am the executor of her estate, which she reaffirmed 4 weeks after the shunning, (Family business)

    My father, a former elder, left her all of this money and would have never wanted it to go to the society. He left in the 80's. He also left $10,000 each for my both my son's college education in a will left on his computer which my mother promptly had erased after his death by a 20 year old ministerael servent. She considered my father and apostate and his computer full of spiritual pornography.

    The problem with my dad was, he loved her too much, she ruled the roost, and she literally whittled him down to nothing.

    What becomes of the estate I am yet to learn.

    Thanks for listening.


  • wednesday
    am the executor of her estate, which she reaffirmed 4 weeks after the shunning, (Family business)

    R she must trust you quite a bit to do the above.

  • rekless

    It could be that the society has hit the criticle mass mark of inactivity and may want to wipe out the do nothings and have the best we can have. In the storage business, we use to raise the rent substandually that those who were having a problem paying the rent would move out and we would brush off the bitching and moaning of those who stayed with "You can leave too." We gained better class of renters and had less problems with the new renters. They could df the slakers and keep the mover and shakers scared, after all we were always scared that we wasn't pleasing "Mother." Remember it is not the slackers that publish and bring in the moola, it is the divinly theocratic sprititual publishers that brings in the moola.

  • metatron

    Guys, first of all, don't discount the legal issues that expelling the inactive would have. Child custody cases don't work quite the same

    way as other matters - and other countries don't have as strict a sense of the First Amendment as the US does.

    Secondly, no one is looking at the practical ramifications of a ceaseless, drip, drip, drip of negative announcements that would wear many

    congregations down. If they think morale is bad now, they haven't seen anything yet - should they attempt this sort of Draconian measure.

    Borgia's comments are good - and the Society has experienced this sort of malaise before, years ago, during the four year

    arrangement at Bethel. It was a huge mess and all Knorr would repeat was "you promised four years" and "if you don't like it,

    get out". Ultimately, they were forced to change. It happens.


  • wednesday


    I agree with yo u that legally if they were to make an announcement to DA, probably would not work. but , as in my case, it is already being done and the elder i spoke to told me why. Some jws hav elected to consider the inactive as DA ones and treat them accordingly,. So, I'm shunned, with or without an announcement. All older jws know this game, they must protect "mother" from the bad apostates and they will -. people are dispensible- anyway, , if they make a mistake, jehovah can fix it. () I have heard this stuff all my lfe. They are at war-make no doubt about it, they will lie, cheat and probably steal. land all for "mother". A pioneer and elder's wife told me in the 80's that "were fighting back" . (against the apostates) looks like someone at Bethel decided to just not take it laying down.

    and we thought the Muslims were the only "homocide bombers" jws also "kill" large numbers of dissenting people, not with the sword, but with the pen.

  • Borgia

    As a JW I think we are used to be abused. At least with words. The guilt trip is one of those abusive tactics. Saturday on the convention it was a big time guilt trip. Leaving the situation as is, a huge threat of rotting from within beyond control through the drippeling effect may have to be faced by the WT leadership. There exist a scenario, and possibly more than one, that may be of help to remedy this: One single strong overpowering blow to slackers and other subversive elements. Two results may be yielded: 1)drop in “publishers” who are not really publisher but window dressers. Step one, next CO visit, identify all slacking and subversive elements. Encourage to make a mend. Stept two: Next CO visit discuss new regultions on disfellowshipping based on 1 kor 5, being that on disfellowshipping offences, disfellowshipping must take place (scripture says remove, therefore calling for immediate descisive action, instead of you may remove) whether or not the guilty party repents. After being reinstated they will run probably harder and stick more closely to the party line. Based on 1 John 2:19 anyone slacking in visiting meetings more than X ties a months and fieldservice more than X months in a row: DF/A, if no improvement after applicable strong scriptural councel and help to improve has been given and no improvement to average publisher hours can be noted, provided the person is not of old age (15 minute preacher) and in to sick a condition to participate in the fieldservice (mind you: telephone preaching belongs to the opportunities). It may be that the priveledge of participation at the TMS and WTS may be revoked as a measure of “help” to let the “evildoer “ get a sense of urgency to repent and do better. Special project for MS and Elders and pioneers may apply. Time to market: 6 to 8 months. 2.The publishers that remain will start to operate in the real “last days”- mode by doing there “outmost” with a “sense of urgency” never seen before. Due to the operations described above under point 1, a rally of protest emerges in news media, court rulings, etc, etc. a sort of the 1917 Rutherford initiated attack revisited. “Clearly, brothers, we do live in the last days. Look at the persecution. Jezus foretold this would happen. Now turn to vers bla bla en read how the disciples of the first century felt when confronted with persecution. Are we not happy that we are being called names for the sake of the Good News?Are we not happy to suffer for the name of our Great God?” Standing ovation. Brothers, you are to be commended for persevering under worsening conditions. Look, fieldservice hours are up. Attendence is up. As the end draws near, Jehovah will keep on directing the work. End of assembly singing song number 212 (or if you still have the old one: 110). Every dub goes home with the feeling of having had the best convention ever, of the end being SOOOOOO close that they can almost taste it. With many thanks to a brillant observer called Macchiavelli who wrote: “Arte della guerra” and “Il Principe”. Most fitting indeed. O, and by the way, In every time and age there have been people who have been lied to and who have been deceived. No matter how idiotic, fantastic a story told might sound. Will there always be dubbs? I guess there will be, whether they are called dubbs or go by any other name. A few quotes from Napoleon by means of illustration: - The people excited by ambitious demagogues, sooner or later return into the hands of the Aristocracy. - A man will fight harder for his interests than for his rights. - Men are moved by only two levers: fear and self interest. - The herd seek out the great, not for their sake, but for their influence; and the great welcome them out of vanity or need. - In a conquered country benevolence is not humanitarianism. It is a general political axiom that a conqueror must not inspire a good opinion of his benevolence until he has demonstrated that he can be severe with malefactors. - Good and decent people must be protected and persuaded by gentle means, but the rabble must be led by terror. I am sure these axioms can be turned into biblical foundations............ to start with: Proverbs 29:18 - Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained. Cheers Borgia

  • free2beme

    Normally they only take this step if someone who has been inactive for a long time, suddenly makes a scene out of their life and try to present themselves as a active JW in something that is not Society accepted. Other then that, they leave them alone. I have been inactive since 1997, and have not spoken to or even received a visit or call since 1998. I have not exact hidden my new life in any way shape or form, yet they leave us a lone. If I showed up in some news program with me saying, "I am a Jehovah's Witness" in it. They would be on my door the next day.

  • nicolaou

    How about a new announcement: "So and so is no longer an active Jehovah's Witness".

    It wouldn't be a formal expulsion but the effects would be the same. It would be almost impossible to appeal this as documentary evidence (lack of six months field service report) would prove their case - so no legal redress or penalties.

    The Watchtower are slippery bastards and they will find a way to do what they want to do. But us apostates are even slipperier. (is that a word?)

  • metatron

    That's an interesting idea but it only engenders a move towards more fake hours in an increasingly fake organization.

    Of course, being fake hasn't stopped them yet.


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