Looking to hear your Service horror stories.

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  • Stealth453

    And your a tough guy??

  • finnrot

    No.....But I look great in a bikini...:-)

    I hated going door to door also, what rubbish. As soon as I was old enough to say no, I never went again.


  • Pubsinger

    Has anyone else noticed the google ads at the bottom of this thread!!!

  • Poztate
    Has anyone else noticed the google ads at the bottom of this thread!!!

    I did now.. Years ago my Dad and I (a child) were out in service and a guy threatened to "run us off the property" We had already turned around and started to walk off but apparently we were not fast enough for him. He grabbed my Dad and tried to shove and push him along physically. My Dad although smaller held his own and would not allow himself to be pushed around. His briefcase and magazines were scattered around but finally the guy when he couldn't move my Dad gave it up and stormed back into his house.

  • hartstrings

    Too many to recount. If I share the one the one that most shocked me it will give away my identity because I think the whole curcuit heard about it. It involved someone in the car group peeing, shivers...

    I got a lot of mentally ill individuals, angry and rabid dogs, "apostates," and a widely publicized child molester. Is there any wonder I won't allow my two young girls to go with their father in FS?

  • gymbob

    The very first day, FIRST DOOR I went to as a bethelite in Brooklyn in 1976, the householder was doing some brick work on his porch, and with a real strong Italian accent he said, "I'm gonna putta' thisa' bricka' righta' thru yo' face!!" and then chased us down the street with a brick in one hand and a trowel in the other!

    A couple years later the jewish neighborhood we went to in Brooklyn formed a mob and turned over a couple witness cars! It was actually reported in the Watchtower, "Watching the world"(sometime in 78' I think) There were a few of the local bro's that got their asses kicked pretty good too, right there in Brooklyn! Not me tho'....I boogied out to the subway and my roommate was driven back to bethel by the police. GYMBB

  • glitter

    Only bad experience I had was when I was about 8 and was on the ministry with a brother from our bookstudy group (fantastic bloke, he disassociated in the early/mid 90s but I haven't seen him in like 14 years so no high-fives :)) he got some gum from a vending machine and gave me a piece... I'd not had hard-shell gum before and promptly started to choke! :D

    Only other negative thing was return visits with mentalists in their smelly flats.

  • glitter

    How often did people go in cars for field service? Did any Brits here do that? We walked everywhere!

  • Blueblades

    Hi Gymbob!Your story about the service horror in Brooklyn early 70's in the Hadsidic neighborhood involved me. It was the Kings County Congregation members who were the ones working that territory when the mob of young Hadsidic boys came out of a nearby school and mobbed us. We were told by the Society to drop the charges of assault and property damages. When we went to the court house down town Brooklyn a large crowd of Hadsidics showed up to defend their actions against us. We followed the society's request and dropped the charges. It was a life and death situation that day, their are more details to this horror story than I can write at this time.


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