Ban cigarette production?

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  • I quit!
    I quit!

    One reason they don't ban them at least in the US is the amount of tax dollars smoking brings in. On one hand they tell people not to smoke on the other hand they are depend on the tax dollars from smokers. Also smokers don't live as long as non-smoker. That means less social security being paid out. The government saves money. I know people say that smokers run up health cost because of the illnesses they contract but that is at the end of their life and the cost of heathcare go up for most people the last few years of their life.

    If the government is going to start continue to baby sit us then I think they should outlaw most of the breakast cereals, soft drinks with sugar and most fast food. Have you noticed all overweight children and adults there are these days? These people are also shortening their lives with the poor choices they make but do you really want the gov. making those choices for them or for you?

  • MsMcDucket
    Smoking Kills - exactly what does this mean? It means that 50 % (or 1 in every 2 people) of those who smoke will die of a smoking related illness.

    Are you talking about the 70, 80, and 90-year-old patients that die from lung disease? My father-in-law died at the age of 72 from lung cancer. He worked right up until he was diagnosed. I don't see how this cost the country any money.

  • MsMcDucket

    Also, Johnny Carson died from a smoking related illness. How old was he? Did he cost the government money?

  • Robdar

    MsMcD, stop making sense!

    Non smokers don't want to hear the truth. They just want to feel superior.

  • MsMcDucket

    Robdar, I can see it now. People starting to chew tobacco and dip snuff because of the cigarette ban. Spitting the tobacco/stuff into the other people's trash cans or what-have-you. Then others being jailed for smoking in public or growing tobacco in their yards! Talk about costing the government money!

  • smellsgood

    Given that cigarettes are harmful to health why don't the governments shut down the factories producing them?

    smellsgood: tobacco IS a plant lol, it grows in the earth,, I know you know that though. ummm, look how well that worked with Prohibition back in the day.
    Here's what the government figures on this. The ban on alcohol didn't work right? No, people kept on gettin their whiskey on, black market boom, and all that.
    Guess what? NO TAXES coming to the government from the sale of these products as a result. The tobacco "sin" tax in this country can be extremely high. It is a HUGE source of revenue for the government, though, like you pointed out at the same time, it does COST money as well due to the health concerns.
    Also, perhaps they are letting people decide for themselves.
    I know I made my choice to start smoking. Its a really stupid habit.
    The state I live in has one of the HIGHEST taxes on tobacco in the nation. A single pack costs from $5-$7 for the regular kinds of smokes.
    The logistics of a smoking ban would be incredibly overwhelming.


  • bubble

    I wish it would be banned then my teenage children couldn't smoke. I hate it and everything about it.

    However, it's all about the money isn't it. It makes too much in tax for the government to ever ban it.

    Such is life.

  • DanTheMan

    They'll never ban them out-and-out, but the restrictions will keep piling on.

    At work, we have a designated smoke break area located near one of the entrances. Recently HR sent out an email stating that henceforth, smokers utilizing this area need to make sure they don't smoke within a certain distance of the door.

    In Columbus and most of the surrounding suburbs, smoking is banned in all public places, including bars and bowling alleys.

    Even when I was a smoker, I was never up-in-arms over smoker's rights. That's kinda like fighting for farter's rights. Most non-smokers don't want to be subjected to cigarette smoke, and I had no problem with that then or now.

  • EC

    They will never be banned, but they defiantly should have some better laws....

    I live in a non smoking state in restaurants and I think it should be like that everywhere....

    Also should be banned in work places and I feel especially strong that parents that smoke in a home or car with their children should suffer consequences....There is nothing worse for me to be driving by a car full of children in the back seat and the parents puffing away in the front with the window cracked a half inch! Argggg!

    With the new and most in depth study just released by the surgeon general on the effects of second hand smoke states that more than 35,000 nonsmokers a year die from heart disease caused by secondhand smoke. That is pretty sad!

    And there are all other kinds of bad stuff for you, but they are self inflicting...when you sniff coke or eat bad or skydive or stay on the comp too much you are hurting yourself...smoking effects all around you and that is not fair IMO....

  • heathen

    I agree that cigarettes are nothing but the governments crack cocain that's the only reason it's legal even after they investigated the attempts of the industry to make cigarettes more appealing to young people and to make it more addicting . They love to tax the stuff . That's why I'm saying people should be allowed to grow it but not sell it . I think it's easier to buy a gun in this country than to buy tobacco seeds .... LOL

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