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  • sunshineToo

    Jehovah or Yahweh? Is it important to use "Jehovah"? Or should it be Yahweh? Or more like Yehowah?

  • evergreen

    Most Hebrew scholars believe that Yahweh is probably the most accurate rendering of his name. Yah definately being the shortened version, which is included in Hallelu(iah). Isia(iah), Jerem(iah),Elijah, Jesus(yahshua) etc.

    Swap the i and j for y as it should be.

    Whats more even the society in their own literature acknowledge the fact that Gods name is according to 'most' Hebrew Scholars favored as "Yahweh" (insight book)

    Occasionaly whilst praying i tend to use Yahweh in my prayers, but prefer to approach him by using similiar expressions to what Jesus used by calling him Father, as it is much more intimate and that way i dont worry about calling him by a name that might not be correct

  • Sirona

    My personal feeling is that it doesn't really matter how we verbalise the name of God. I use various names.


  • Narkissos

    Perhaps one more important question is how did Yhwh came to be the name of "God" in the first place.

    In the old Israelite context, Yhwh was just one of many gods. In this polytheist context naming the gods was an obvious necessity. There was nothing more extraordinary in him being called Yhwh than in Chemosh being called Chemosh, Marduk being called Marduk, etc.

    But at one point the cult of Yhwh turned into monotheism. Yhwh being "God" didn't need a name anymore, but he had one (from tradition). So this name became something extraordinary, most sacred, too sacred to be pronounced in everyday use, in need of high theological or philosophical explanations (e.g. Exodus 3 and the lines of ontological interpretations it started), vested of magical powers sometimes. Simply because this god became God.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    This always bothered me, if I called my father by his first name it would be considered disrespectful. Even in his old age I dont call him by his first name. He's Dad. The witnoids always said it was more intimate to call God Jehovah instead of Father. It seemed wierd to me to call Him by His name and not Father.

    Could be my culture, but it seems ass backwards.

    Laud our God, Laud Jehovah God.


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