I Had a Discussion at a JW Booth Today About UNO, Cano and Other Topics

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  • GermanXJW

    I was at home when my wife called and said: "Guess who is having a booth at the market place today?" I replied: "JW! - I am on my way"

    I grabbed my printed papers about the UN scandal (which I always have near the door), a camera and printed the CBS report on Jesus Cano.


    I started the conversation asking "Since when are you working with booths?".

    A man with the Elder look replied: "For years, but not every week. We want to spread the message that JW are not a cult."

    "Are they not? How do you define a cult?"

    He gave the typical JW answer about a fraction from a bigger religion. I gave him mine: controlling people not to read critical literatur and shunning former members. He said that a German coart ruled that the accusations against JW are not valid.

    I told him that I have JW relatives and a lengthy discussion began.

    He started with 'smoking', a habit he was proud to have broken with. I said I am a non-smoker but that I knew a guy who was a smoker when joining the JW, then they suddenly told him to stop and when he did not his family was shunning him. He replied that some are only claiming being shunned, JW only shun opponents who actively work against them, creating their own rules. He lamented that he cannot understand that people leaving the JW would start to work against them. I replied that as JW they were used to talk about their conviction.

    I asked about civilian service and he said that the decision was up to each. He did not say that there was a change despite I said that I thought they would reject both military and civilian service.

    I mentioned the UN connection. He said he had heard about it but did not know any details.

    I also mentioned the Cano case (explaining the details ) and he did not know about it but said that such a man would never have a priviledge again). He emphasized the contrast to the Catholic Church where perpetrators are just being sent to another city. I mentioned Silentlambs but he denied it.

    The he placed the magazines with me explaining articles about salt in the sea and poisenous fish. I saw the "in our next issue"-box where the blood article was mentioned. I said I welcome that JW no longer reject blood transfusion but take most of the components. I disagreed saying that they still reject whole blood. I told him that whole blood is rarely given those days and that the JW have found a way out of this ban.

    I accepted the magazine and said that I read them but said I have something for him and gave him a 25-page-essay on the UN/DPI-connection - with all the details. http://www.sektenausstieg.net/docs/lit/WTGUN2.pdf On top of it was the CBS report on Cano with the pictures.

    He said: "What is that?" I said: "This was the Bethel document Cano was identified with. And there is a documentary on the UN thing because you said you do not know the details.

    He must have thought why I had this with me and who I was and why it was in his hands when I was already gone.

  • Snoozy

    So they know we call them a cult now?

    You sound like you were well equiped..funny when the JW's taught us to "Be prepared" it would someday backfire on them...

    Wish I could have been there but sounds like you did an "Outstanding job". Good for you!


  • serotonin_wraith

    Is that UN essay available in English anywhere? I've seen a couple of English ones but none seem to go into the amount of detail that one has. As for the booth, if I ever saw one I'd be so tempted to make my own notice board showing all the bad points and placing it near them. Yeah I can be childish! Join NOW And Get: *A healthy fear of death! *Cut off those annoying family ties! *You'll never have to think for yourself again! *No more expensive Birthdays or Christmas! HURRY! LAST FEW DAYS! etc etc!

  • hubert

    Wow! Good job, Germanxjw.

    I am surprised he took your documents. Maybe it will get him started doing REAL research.

    I think I wll get some info together in case I find a jw booth somewhere. Sounds like a good idea.


  • GermanXJW
    As for the booth, if I ever saw one I'd be so tempted to make my own notice board showing all the bad points and placing it near them.

    Yes, when he mentioned his animosity against XJW who fight against their former religion I said that he has a booth. At one point he made some favorable claims about JW and said:"This is not to make propanda." and I replied "Well, you have this booth, haven't you?"

    I am surprised he took your documents.

    So was he. He thought I was there by chance and was very surprised when I handed the documents and took them as a reflex. Old trick from field service days.

  • GermanXJW
    Is that UN essay available in English anywhere? I've seen a couple of English ones but none seem to go into the amount of detail that one has.

    I noticed that the direct link does not work. You have to go via http://www.sektenausstieg.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=93

    In the large file you can zoom into the documents.

  • GermanXJW

    The booth in its whole beauty:

  • Calliope

    wow, that's awesome.
    i've never heard of the witnesses having booths. like a lemonade stand?

    i have heard of them being at tradeshows with a booth...


  • GermanXJW

    I had not seen this before either. Please excuse the low resolution, this is an image taken with a cell phone camera.

  • Balsam

    What great boldness. I've never heard of them setting up booths either at least here in the USA. Maybe it is something new. I know they set up little stands in the hallways of some of the corporate building where their allowed too. There are like indoor Mall's in these huge business buildings. The JW set up their little stands with books and magazines. I talked to one older man some time ago, but he was so elderly I didn't not want to give the man a heart attack by being confrontational.


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