Did you make life altering decisions because of 1975?

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  • IP_SEC

    No, I was only 2 years old

  • anewme

    The Watchtower Society should be sued for what they did to people around 1975!!!!!

    What they did to promote "sales" was wrong if not illegal!

    The teenager who convinced me to study with her should have been given an academy award for her performance in creating urgency and hysteria in the hearts of her studies. She brought 4 of us in that year!

    The whole congregation was in on the excitement. Like others have said the parts on the meetings were graphic depictions of incarceration and torture. After the book studies we would sit around to hear older ones tell stories and embellish the possibilities of future events. It was all so convincing.

    I wish my father had done what a friends parent did and offered me $10,000.00 to get out of the JWs.
    She did.


  • AlanF

    I certainly did. I had the motivation and opportunity to go to college several times between 1969 and 1972, and did not because I more than half believed the Society's prediction about 1975. I went in 1978.

    I know one elder who hung great expectations on 1975. He was working extremely hard to support his family and to do everything right in "Jehovah's organization." He expected that 1975 would bring relief. When it didn't, he had a nervous breakdown and, for all practical purposes, left the cult. He's much happier now.


  • free2beme

    I was 4, my major life changing decisions were whether to watch Cartooons or Play with toys.

  • Gordy

    I became a JW in 1971 when I was 20.

    I have heard of all the different experiences from others around that time.

    But the congregation I was you wouldn't know that 1975 was this "big year".

    Everything just seemed to go along as normal.

    No one was running up to me saying "Armaggedonn in 1975" or telling me to give my job up and get out preaching etc.

    I think the only noticable thing was a few of us got married in 1974 and were buying houses.

    In fact our first child was born October 1975. No one said a word about us having a child at the "time of the end".

    Yet I have met people whose parents gave up businesses, or jobs to pioneer or go were the "need was great" because of 1975.

    I often put it down to the fact that the congregation Elders were mainly in their 60's and 70's and been JW's all their life.

    I think they seen it all before

  • DannyHaszard

    "Staying Alive Until 1975" My Story of Growing Up JW with Severe Ulcerative Colitis

    I have been wearing a colostomy bag since 1998 as a direct result of 1975 bullshit

  • acquittal

    In one congregation every family sold their house except one. That was the one of my former friend.

    I was quite frightened due to the Malawi stories and persecution possibilites told by mum.

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