Photo and Video of Jesus Manuel Cano

by Smiles 10 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Smiles

    The following link is a video showing some of the photographic and physical evidence collected:

  • LDH

    my my my, the smile seems to have been wiped off that little perv's face.


    JC, thank you my man, for being *YOU!*

  • Smiles

    One has to wonder what his sexual activity was while at Bethel, considering all the rumored homosexuality at Bethel over the years.

    I wonder if he set up any hidden cameras in the restrooms at Bethel?

  • stillajwexelder

    or UV light to see who is King of the stained bedsheets

  • wednesday

    I recall Lisa interviews saying that his roomate had been cleared of child porn charges. That does not rule out a consenting homosexual relationship or viewing of adult legal porn.

  • stillconcerned

    If anyone knows of victims of this guy--please let me know. There is an ongoing civil investigation brewing...

    Kimberlee D. Norris

    [email protected]

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    I wonder if the Brothers will sue CBS for bringing reproch on Jehovah's name, Hell they will probably promote this idiot to an Elder. People that do crap like this to kids should be shot.

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    I am cracking up right now, I just looked at his name, Jesus is molesting kids!!! damn Jdubs were a bad influence on Jesus

  • stillconcerned
  • John Newby
    John Newby

    well, guess what, kids? He's been deported! Here's the link:

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