Jehovah's Witnesses Rebuttal to the U.N.-DPI NGO Affair

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  • Kenneson

    I don't know if this was discussed before; I don't recall seeing this site until today when someone brought it to my attention. How would you answer the Jehovah's Witness comments (especially the one comparing the library card to a White House press pass)? Other observations? Anyone?

  • rebel8


    The comparison to a press pass is false. The WTS had to sign a vow to uphold the UN's principles and did so several times, even submitting literature as evidence they were agreeing with the UN and sending WTS representatives to UN NGO events.

    Here is a brochure I created which addresses the usual excuses:

    Brochure: The Watchtower-United Nations Scandal--Why is it important? A comprehensive, concise examination of anti-UN teachings along with details of the WT's UN activities. Suitable for use in discussing this topic with JWs or those studying with JWs. Identifies the most common excuses given for NGO membership and refutes each. Contains a full list of verifiable references. 4-page foldable color brochure suitable for printing on 2 sides of 8.5" x 11" paper.

  • heathen

    Wow can't believe no replies on this one . I'll give it a go . I have a copy of the agreement signed by the WTBTS

    in order to become an NGO and in it they agree to support the UN charter mandate which they have hated since day one , calling it satanic and in oposition to the kingdom of the heavens . They also agreed to not diss on other NGOs which included religions such as the catholic church . Now how can they do that after so many years of discrediting world governments and religions ?

  • Virgochik

    They can always explain away their deceptions and lies by calling them "theocratic warfare." Of course, bla-bla, they still scorn the Catholic church, but made nice in front of the UN. It was theocratic warfare, see?

  • Finally-Free

    The watchtower society, being the skanky diseased whore that it is, is happy to prostitute itself with the wild beast, and considers a library card to be a good price.

    All things considered, they may be right.


  • heathen

    I think they just wanted somebody to step in and protect their interests world wide since jehovah apparently doesn't care much for their properties . France is about to give them the boot big time over taxes , Russia doesn't want them either . Former Russian republic of Georgia had the orthodox church literally trashing and abusing members . The WTBTS is a legal corporation that is run by lawyers so there really is no reason for their involvement other than to use the corrupt legal system of the UN to protect their properties .

  • Jourles
    I have a copy of the agreement signed by the WTBTS

    YOU DO!? I've never seen this. Would you mind.....

  • Kristofer


  • heathen

    I think you can find it on randy waters site, the freeminds under, WTBTS and UN topic . I would love to see the WTBTS fess up to this a publish it for themselves but they refuse to let members do any research and opperate under , ignorance is bliss .

  • Amazing1914


    The "e-Watchman" kind of JW is just looking for plausible excuses. The Watchtower Society joined the UN and a NGO because it needed a platform to deal with JWs being persecuted in places like Africa and the Middle East and Asia. When such organizations join the UN as NGO's, they sign an agreement that they agree with, and support all that the UN stands for in its mission and goals. By doing this the Watchtower Society compromised its own teachings against being part of this world. There is no excuse for this, as there was no need to be part of the UN.

    Jim Whitney

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