JW's malleable minds

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  • Tigerman

    When I visited my JW son and daughter a few weeks ago my daughter referred to the Witnesses as

    having " true Christianity. " Is this just another new phrase that Bethel comes up with every so often to

    maintain control over the flock ?

  • Warlock

    In dubspeak, it means as opposed to "False Christanity".


  • Terry

    The hallmark of a cult is the manner in which a special jargon is used.

    First you take an ordinary word with an ordinary universally understood definition and you change it.

    For example: KNOWLEDGE is transformed into ACCURATE KNOWLEDGE

    This hijacks the word KNOWLEDGE. It becomes transformed into "false" information and only ACCURATE knowledge can function the way the old word KNOWLEDGE functioned.

    It derails ordinary communication by creating a break. Only those within your cult can communicate without the alarm bell going off.

    So too with the phrase: the truth.

    It becomes:THE TRUTH which takes on the burden of representing the ONLY TRUE religion of JW's.

    Having your vocabulary hijacked damages your ability to think clearly and it destroys the link between yourself and the outside world.

    Reading ordinary information is impossible because words trigger a STOP SIGN in your mind which abruptly causes you to stop absorbing information without filtering it through the WATCHTOWER policy statements.

    There are many such instances in ordinary everyday life where a JW will have a red flag dropped when he converses with non-JW's.

    The result is an US vs THEM mentality.

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