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  • Uzzah

    Thanks for all the suggestions so far folks! I too have slipped away from games but I am forcing myself to do it more. I am a work-a-holic and am in a very high paced, stressful job (disaster management) so the escapism is a necessary evil just to shut the brain off for a while or at least stretch it in a different way. One of the reasons why I loved Myst. Excellent puzzles and mysteries!

    Keep the suggestions coming.


  • gaiagirl

    If you enjoyed Myst, then you would probably like Myst 3: Exile, and possibly Myst:Uru or Myst: Revelation. You didn't mention any third-person shooters, but the Tomb Raider series was very popular until Angel of Darkness (avoid). A friend is playing Tomb Raider:Legend right now, and loves it. Other good third person shooters are Drakan and Darkened Skye. Good city-building games are Caesar 3, Pharoah, and Zeus. The Sims are also very entertaining.

  • Finally-Free

    Congrats on the new computer. I can't recommend any games though. My favourite was Age of Empires until I memorized the cheat codes. It's just not the same any more, and I lost interest.


  • QueenBee


    I personally don't like FPS games that much....I am not good at running and jumping and killing things...I am more of a puzzle/rpg girl. I am currently playing Dreamfall, which is the sequel to The Longest Journey. I really like both of these games because they allow you to get REALLY involved in the game world. I also really enjoyed both Syberia I and II. The Syberia games are visually stunning. Just beautiful graphics if you have a good system


    American Football - Madden 2007 (for the upcoming season). Excellent realism. Good playability, though its much better with a game pad rather than using the keyboard.

    My only issue with Madden is that unlike the PlayStation & Xbox there is no college football counterpart for PC. So you can't bring players up from college like you can on the other platforms.

    Secondly, in the franchise mode, the drafted rookies have stats that are generated too low, so they don't make a positive impact on your team during their first year. I am speaking of RBs, WRs, TEs, defense.

  • Swan
    The Sims are also very entertaining.


    I agree. I play The Sims 2 regularly. I now have more families in more neighborhoods than I can count, and play each family for quite some time until I move on to the next family. I have zombie families, vampire families, and now robotic families.

    When I tire of families, I go into building houses, businesses, and even my own cities/neighborhoods using Sim City 4. I find great relaxation in exercising my creativity in this way.

    Sometimes I write up their albums as complete stories. For example, I have a cult family who is trying to escape the influence of their elders. The elders are a family of their own who live above the KH. It is complete with podium, fake plants and the infamous library where they "counsel" the Sim families. I can shoot photos of the elders giving talks, demonstrations, etc, and integrate the photos into the album of the cult family. Then I add elaborate captions.

    There seems to be no limit to the things to be done and I am constantly tweaking and perfecting my virtual worlds. There are also many surprises, such as fights, jealousies, and affairs that go on while you are just watching them live their lives.

    I recommend it highly.


  • happysunshine

    Uzzah, good job on the new PC! I also built a gaming rig 2 years ago - lots of fun. Here's a couple of great websites:

    The first is for PC tech help. The second is for games, and I find their reviews to be pretty on target.

    If you liked Civ I, you'll probably like Civ IV, as they took the best parts of all the Civs for IV. And Myst series have a lot in common with the Syberia games and a new game called Paradise, by the same creator. Oblivion is excellent, although I am not much of a RPG fan anymore.

    Somehow, I find myself only playing Battlefield 2 these days. It is a shooter, but really well done. You can play with up to 64 other players online in the same game.

    Anyway, you can check the second link for the type of game you may like. Good luck.

  • Twitch

    Civ IV is awesome. I've played the whole series and this one is the best by far. A very similiar game with more friendly user interface is Empire Earth, but it's a little older.
    Battlefield 2 is awesome online if u like FPS. VOIP for squad communications, good vehicle and aircraft handling and wicked graphics if ur machine can take the heat. BTW, the best FPS is Ghost Recon (2003). AI squad command, top notch motion capture animation, realistic ballistics, awesome audio samples and opensource for weapons mods and maps. No vehicles, aircraft or fluff, just pure tactical simulation.
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  • free2beme

    Madden is good, although I like so many types, You should check out

  • MegaDude

    I was positively addicted to Command & Conquer and all the sequels and related games, my favorite being Red Alert 2.

    Over the years my favorites were:

    Command & Conquer

    Quake Delta Force Syndicate

    Space Hulk

    Rainbow Six - Ravenshield (teamplay)

    Warhammer 40k Dawn of War ------------------ After swearing a blood oath that I would only play one hour a day and then watching the morning sun come up after playing all night, I gave up pc games. They really are computer cocaine to me and so I gave them up.

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