Post a baby photo of yourself

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  • Jim_TX


    I know that photos of me as a small kid exist... they are just kept at my mom's house. My mom passed on about 3 years ago... and my siblings are guarding any photos like they are the gold at Fort Knox.

    I got to *see* them one time about a year ago... but it was only a session of 'see what we have in our possession?'.

    We had to put them back, and leave them there - after we had looked at them (my brother who had also left home).

    Soooooo... sorry... no photos of me as a small kid. I wasn't that photogenic anyway... always squinting at the camera (they always had us facing the sun for the picture).


    Jim TX

  • Mulan

    I was about 3 months old here. Chubby little dickens.

  • juni

    Those are sooooo cute you guys!!

    BigTex - I know what you mean. Often times one sibling takes it upon themselves to be the guardian of all family archives. They should be talking to the other siblings to see what they would like and come up w/an agreement so that everyone gets a piece of the familie's history. At the least your personal baby pictures.

    Mulan - THAT LOOKS LIKE YOU NOW!! What a chubbycon!

    ES - If I remember Blake's looks I think he may resemble his father?? You too were a cutie patootie!! Nice Topic ES. Take care of yourself and your little girl.


  • Es

    ohhh your all tooo cute

    I have a similar prob all of my baby photos are at my folks too, I would like to get my hands on a few if i could.

    Hey Juni, Blake looks alot like both of us really



  • TresHappy

    About three years old - sitting in my backyard.

  • Es

    What a cutie


  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Come on lets see more baby pictures of yourselves

  • Es

    heheh i know i thought more people would post there baby pics


  • misanthropic

    Me almost 3 years old...

  • HappyDad
    HappyDad goes.

    This is a baby HappyDad. I guess you could call me a HappyBaby.


    P.S. edited to say........Yes.......they did have cameras way back then. lol

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