Two Visits From Jehovah's Witnesses This Past Week

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  • willyloman
    I'm somewhat surprised no one has commented on the absurdity of the English group inviting us to a religious convention so far away.

    That's probably because none of us is very surprised that dubs follow orders, not matter what. When told to distribute these invitations, the few JWs who would wonder how this makes any sense would simply shrug and do it anyway, or find an excuse not to. Everyone else would just "follow the organization," the way we all used to.

    But you make an excellent point; it certainly illustrates how little the "field ministry" has to do with reaching people in a meaningful way.

  • Anitar

    HI TMS

  • Anitar

    Hi TMS,

    Frank does sound like a competent individual with somewhat independent thinking, something very dangerous for a JW. Do you think he and his family might someday leave the org?


  • cyberguy

    TMS, thanks for sharing that experience. Very interesting. It has given me some new ideas of how to witness to a witness when they come by.

  • TMS


    I can't predict what Frank will do. Normally, Jehovah's Witnesses do not back up and see someone else's position. At times when folks discuss strongly held views, they well up with emotion. That was totally lacking in our conversation. It was quiet, reasonable, respectful. As Frank left he turned and said he had one more question. Did I think that the world's governments would ever turn on religion? I mentioned that some already had, like the former Soviet Union and Mexico, but now seemed to have reached a certain consensus. In most countries, I thought that the governments used religion as a tool and there was no need to turn on something so useful. Frank just listened.


  • carla

    I think Frank was full of BS and his entire story is made up. Funny, how if you bring up any pedo story they will first deny there is a problem but then go on to tell you of a story of one who wasn't 'really' a jw or some such nonsense. Or tell you a whole story of a pedo case within their own cong then tell you it never happened cause there wasn't two witnesses. That has been my experience.

  • truth.ceeker

    Hello TMS, thanks for sharing the experience. By the way, do you notice a very different set of standards between the english and spanish cengregations. Me personally, having been to a few from Dallas to McAllen, I think they operate at a totally different level. It's like they get the same information from the society, but they add it to their own way of doing things. They would never say they go against the society, but in reality, they don't follow every letter of the law, so to speak. It was a bit refreshing after a meeting to attend a spanish function and see people laughing, dancing, eating and having a great time. And as your story relates about the handling of the brother, it doesn't surprise me at all, if all of the spanish brothers keep an eye on him between the different congregations if he should try it at another hall.


  • TMS


    I understand your frustration and what your life experience tells you. Your remote determination that my visitor was full of it is understandable. My impression was much different, though, and generally my bs meter is fairly sensitive. Actually, he did not play down the pedophila among JW's at all, but instantly agreed and offered up a personal example.


    I think Spanish JW's are able to develop better social skills. Perhaps, in a way, they are not so Puritanical. I disagree with many anglo elders who try to explain away the growth of the Spanish by implying they have lower moral standards. Just an observation: Some on the board have written about the "goodie night" tradition at some book studies in the U.S. When that custom hit the Rio Grande Valley, it became a full-blown fiesta with enchiladas, mole', menudo, guacamole, etc.


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