Were you ever made an example of off the platform of your KH?

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  • restrangled

    When I was in my teens, I had spent the night at a JW's girlfiriend's house. We stayed up most of the night but were required to get to the KH the next morning for the Sunday meeting.

    I sat in the back row and apparently nodded off. The Watchtower conducter did not like the fact that I was sleeping and called my name from the platform to read a scripture he had just quoted. Of course I didn't know what it was and there was a mad scramble from all those around me to point out the scripture I was to read and someone handed me a bible pointing to it.

    He then lectured from the platform it was important that teenagers were to be at home and in bed on the weekends.

    From that point on I was never allowed to spend the night anywhere.


  • Leolaia

    Once there was a local needs talk during the service meeting about a problem I was having. Except I wasn't the one who doing anything wrong, and I was falsely being accused by rumors so I approached an elder and told him what was going on. The talk was in my defense but humilated me because the elder was soooo explicit about the rumor itself. "Let's say hypothetically that someone said blah blah blah". Seemed like everyone in the congo turned to me and the other person immediately. But I got an apology the next day.

  • Warlock


    What a jerk.


  • wednesday


    I had a similar exerience, it was a long time ago, but i recall the cong was small but the speaker would lecture anyone he chose to. I was wispering to a friend and he made a huge deal out of it. never will forget that.


  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    Anyone elses mom's use to bring a wooden Spoon with them to meetings to wack you when you fall asleep. Wonder why they call the magazine Awake! maybe because its hard to stay Awake while reading?

  • Highlander

    my mom didn't use the wooden spoon, however I know of a couple mothers that did, even at the kingdom hall.

    As a youngin' I recall whispering to a good friend of mine during bookstudy. the conductor then called on my friend and I to share our comments with the rest of the group.

    We didn't want to share, so he proceeded to tell us to keep quiet.

  • sandy

    Restrangled, I agree with warlock . . . What a jerk!!!

  • jwfacts

    Our Watchtower study conductor used to ask his daughter to answer every time she looked like she was not concentrating. One time during the Watchtower study he stepped off the platform and belted her in front of everyone. She ended up Anorexic and Alcholic, but still remains a JW. Go figure!

    A brother in Parramatta congregation had his head shaved to a number one cut. Our PO, taking the Watchtower asked for comments about a picture in the magazine. After everyone gave their piece he added "You will notice none of the brothers in the picture have shaved heads."

  • Stealth453

    Many years ago, probably early to mid 70's, I was attending a special talk at Massey Hall in Toronto, Ontario. About halfway through the program, an elderly man about half way back stood up to (I found out later) use the washroom. The speaker, happened to be the CO, stopped talking, pointed to the elderly fellow, and said very forcefully "SIT DOWN UNTIL I AM DONE".

    Boy, I wish I knew then what I know now.

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