Reincarnation is there proof?

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  • Satanus

    Actual proof is hard to come by. There was a poster here a couple of yrs ago, who related how she had memories of a past life w another guy, in another town, during the pioneer days, i believe. Though she had never seen the place before, she knew stuff about it. There were other details. Quite interesting. Sorry, forgot her name.

    I have tried some past life focussed meditations. May have gotten something. But then, as somebody pointed out, these could be memories from the group subconscious.


  • parakeet

    There is no objective, quantifiable proof. Like all afterlife concepts, it's a matter of personal belief, not fact.

  • frankiespeakin

    I think the proof is pretty substancial. As in the Romy case (which is one of many) the 4 yr old knew places names and events concerning Joe Williams that were accurate ( have the fuller story in the book Lifecycles). Her parents knew nothing except what the little girl told her.

    I'm doing an internet search on Romy to bring more details (I don't like typing)Here one in english most of my search brings up the acount in other laguages:

    Joe Fisher, the author of The Case for Reincarnation, the book where I am getting much of this information, tells of a number of remarkable examples. There is the case of a little girl named Romy Crees. She insisted that her name was Joe Williams, husband of Shiela and father of 3 children and she wanted to go home and see her former mother and tell her that everything was okay. Over the next couple of years, Romy kept describing memories that she was having including a graphic description of her death in a motorcycle accident. This vivid description jolted the parents to do something. How could a little girl know anything like that? They called in a professional investigator and they and two journalists all travelled the 140 miles to see Romy’s former family. Romy insisted that they buy some flowers because ‘Mother Williams loves blue flowers’. When they arrived they found the house and Mrs. Williams just as Romy had described it. Astonished by the flowers, Mrs. Williams disclosed that her late son’s last gift had been a bouquet of blue flowers. Romy recognized the pictures of her former wife and children. Mrs. Williams warmed to the little girl and yes, confirmed that her son and his wife had been killed just as Romy had described.

    There are many of these types of stories. Usually children who died violent deaths in the previous life, remember the most clearly and hundreds of cases have been verified. Parents usually dismiss children’s references such as ‘When I was big---‘, or as one lady I know did when she was young she remembers asking her mother, ‘Are you the only mother I ever had?’ Her mother she says was really upset by this question. Some children regret not being the same sex, or yearn for food that they used to eat including alcohol or tobacco. Some miss the companionship of their previous family. They may suffer from phobias related to the way they died: fear of knives, automobiles, or water, or perhaps of other people.

    One young 2-year old in Oklahoma, insisted that his name was Jimmy but each time he would be told ‘No, it is Jeremy’. Jeremy saw a picture of a wagon in a book and told his grandmother, ‘The wagon hit me. I was dead and I was angry with the man who drove the wagon.’ Another time he asked his father, ‘What’s wrong with your back? Is it killing you? My back got hurt one time and it killed me.’ When Jeremy was 5 yrs old, he was taken to a scene of an accident where a nephew of his father had been killed. His name was Jimmy. In a serious car accident the car that 14 yr old Jimmy had been driving, ran into a truck. When Jeremy saw the scene he became quite emotional and demonstrated how he had fallen out of the car. “I was going like a bullet,” he said. “It was like a bomb.”

    Examples such as these may not completely prove reincarnation. There may be something else going on such as thought transference, spirit possession, manipulation by parents but the alternatives often prove harder to believe.

    Another somewhat famous case today, is the reincarnation of the Panchen Llama. This is a man in Tibet second in authority to the Dalai Llama who has similarly incarnated in this role numerous times. In the 80’s he was lanquishing in a prison in China, where he died in 1989. He was reborn and located by dreams and signs at the age of 5 in 1995. After the usual tests Tibetans use, such as recognition of items that belonged to the previous Panchen Llama, and recognition of individuals who had been close to him, he was accepted by the Dalai Llama as being the actual Panchen Llama. The Dalai Llama, in making this announcement, had hopes that the Chinese would relent in their attitude towards him. But the Panchen Llama’s karma was very persistent in that the Chinese refused to relent and kidnapped the boy and those close to him and introduced their own candidate, another 5 yr old. Now 14, he is still in Chinese custody. The Tibetans are well known for their ability to locate their leaders after their deaths.
  • nicolaou


    Congratulations. It appears that you've taken the analytical approach, which eschews "belief" and eliminates a number of effective mechanisms for misleading the rational mind

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore


    I think the bible teaches re-incarnation...

    Mal. 4:5 "Look! I am sending to you people Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and fear-inspiring day of Jehovah"

    But, Elijah had already lived and died..So, he must be going to be re-incarnated as John the Baptist, and maybe twice. In Jesus' day and again in the second coming of the Christ.

    Also, wouldn't the Christ be re-incarnated from heaven and put in the child Jesus, in Mary's womb??

  • Warlock

    The only proof for Reincarnation is in the Dairy Section of your supermarket.


  • Warlock

    Sorry, I almost forgot: Also at the flower shop.


  • daystar

    Proof that the girl (or others) could access the information is not necessarily proof that she actually lived these other lives any moreso than if she'd related having watched the events in a movie that only she had access to.

  • BlessedStar

    I don't believe in reincarnation. Hindus basically believe in it.

    It is fiction just like time travel.

    In Hinduism, reincarnation is considered to be the "wheel" of life. The spirit never changes, it just changes bodies in life after life in an endless cycle of reincarnation. Each person dies to live again in a different form. Eastern Hinduism teaches that a person can come back as a bug or a bird or even as a plant.

    When we die, we will also face judgment before God. "And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment" (Hebrews 9:27).

    The Bible speaks of death as an enemy. 1 Corinthians 15:26 says, "The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death."

    In this world we are seeing death all around us: death by old age, disease, murder, suicide, accidents, disasters, famine and war.

    All of these have been brought on mankind because of sin and a fallen race.


  • daystar
    It is fiction just like time travel.

    And don't forget resurrection or becoming an angel in heaven or being burned in hell. Same thing...

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