Door to Door-----End is Near----run to our Convention

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  • Scully
    in an unprecedented effort

    Umm, haven't I already heard this before in the other newspaper articles? How much of these articles derive from press releases?

    Good point, Leolaia! Which means, then, that whomever issued the press release is lying. If it was released by the Public Relations Office of the WTS (aka JR Brown & co) then it means that they are liars. If they were issuing the Press Release on behalf of the WTS, then the WTS deliberately lied about this "unprecedented effort".

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    "Unprecedented" implies that JWs have NEVER gone door-to-door as part of the District Convention events. That's a lie. I was doing stuff like this over 20 years ago, and it was an "official" WTS event that everyone go door-to-door in the convention city one morning before the start of sessions. In fact the sessions started later than other mornings that day, to Encourageā„¢ as many as possible to participate.

    Yep. I did it in 1978 at the DC. If I remember correctly, we had special tracts we were supposed to sell (give away?) at the door.

    We were dumb enough to go out in service instead of hanging out at the hotel or swimming. Houston in July while wearing a tie is nasty. But the afternoon session was the only one that day.

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