Israel: The wife of Jehovah {Understanding Christian Zionism}

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    Scrolling down to:

    Scofield's literalism extended even to exact verbal phraseology. This led him to claim, for example, that there are seven dispensations, eight covenants, and eleven great mysteries.48 To justify this perpetual and 'eternal' distinction between Israel and the Church, even under the New Covenant, Scofield insisted that Israel is the 'earthly wife' of God and the Church is actually the 'heavenly bride'' of Christ. Commenting on Hosea 2:2, Scofield writes,

    That Israel is the wife of Jehovah (see vs. 16-23), now disowned but yet to be restored, is the clear teaching of the passages. This relationship is not to be confounded with that of the Church to Christ (John 3.29, refs.)... The N.T. speaks of the Church as a virgin espoused to one husband (2 Cor. 11.1,2); which could never be said of an adulterous wife, restored in grace. Israel is, then, to be the restored and forgiven wife of Jehovah, the Church the virgin wife of the Lamb (John 3.29; Rev. 19. 6-8); Israel Jehovah's earthly wife (Hos. 2, 23); the Church the Lamb's heavenly bride (Rev. 19.7)49

    Scofield therefore concluded that Israel and the Church were separate bodies. 'A forgiven and restored wife could not be called either a virgin (2 Cor. 11: 2,3), or a bride.'50 Such novel teaching about two separate people of God - that of an 'earthly wife' and a 'heavenly bride' contradicts other passages such as John 10:16 and Romans 11:24, neither of which warrant any comment in Scofield's Reference Bible. Scofield's footnotes and systematised scheme of hermeneutics, however, were seen as inspired and used as a test of orthodoxy among fundamentalists in the early 20th Century.


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    Hi Skally

    This is a really interesting topic since I think that Zionist fundamentalism is at the roots of a terrible conflict and must be abandoned and disavowed. I've got a few posts about this, I'll extract part of one of my posts below;

    By the way, the Naturei Karta movement of Judaism regards ZIonism as one of the worst forms of idolatory. There is a strong body of Jewish anti-Zionist literature, such as Uri Davis, Apartheid Israel, Zed Books, 2003. I am also interested in the case of Tali Fahima - a Jewish woman who believes that Hebrews and Arabs can live together and who acted as a human shield for the head of the Al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigade in opposition to the Israeli policy of assasinations. At first I didn't know what to make of this but when you look at it it's a powerful statement against racialism.

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    Reading those quotes about the mess Christians and Zionists (and Islam too since it is based on these two) have gotten themselves into reminds me of methinks Shakespeare (is it?):

    Oh what a tangled web we weave

    When first we practice to deceive

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    A Paduan

    People use to have more than one wife

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    dear hallelujah...

    "Christians and Zionists (and Islam too since it is based on these two)"

    how is this true?

    to my knowledge...the Jews didn't accept Mohammed as a true prophet of God...and to my knowledge neither do Christians...

    so why just take his word for it that he came to "confirm" the OT and NT. show me me how.(if you want to)

    love michelle

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