The Weather in Portland today

by under_believer 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • Gregor

    As ex-Californians we couldn't believe how many homes in Portland don't have A/C.

    We installed central air in our new place 2 years ago and now we almost feel guilty when we see our neighbors putting box fans in their windows. Emphasis on "almost".

  • under_believer

    Well, on June 26, the day after my original post, it hit 104 at our house. Totally ridiculous. We finally had to leave and spend the rest of the afternoon and evening in Lloyd Center. On the plus side, though, it meant my wife didn't have any way to drag us to the Book Study.

  • QueenBee

    Thankfully it will only be 87 degrees today. One of the reasons I moved back to Oregon from California was because of the weather!!! Also, read in the paper today that Oregonians LOVE to complain about the weather.

    Bee ( who is seriously considering bringing a cot to her air-conditioned office to sleep it the temp. rises too high next week)

  • Odrade

    We have A/C, nyah nyah nyah!

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