Has anyone here had "gastric lapband surgery"

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  • fairy

    Interested in knowing if anyone here has had it done. It is not gastric bypass or stapling..

  • dvw

    yes, i have heard of it. my best friend's wife wanted to do something about her weight. insurance would not cover it. she went to mexico to have it preformed.(cheap there) it turned out pretty bad. complications and infection. had to come back to the states to have it reversed. as i understand it, it is a big "rubberband" installed around a portion of the stomach. i think it is probably relatively safe if it is done here (usa). but, please do not have it done in mexico. there is a reason it is less expensive down there.

  • MsMcDucket

    I haven't had the surgery, but thought about it. I had qualified for the surgery because of my health issues, not because I was severely overweight. (sigh) Anyway, I did research on it. I found this web site to be helpful. It shows before and after pictures, and the people talk about the recovery after the procedures. Edited to add the web site: http://www.obesityhelp.com/

  • Mulan

    I know two people (both are relatives) who had it done and are thrilled with the results. One has lost 100 pounds, and the other almost 40. It is reversible, adjustable, and you can eat.............just not much.

    I think it's a last resort, but for both of these gals, it was just that. They are doing great. I would do it, if my insurance covered it.

  • Elsewhere

    There is a new procedure available that is substantially safer than the bypass, Lapband and stapling... it is the Intra-Gastric-Balloonhttp://www.gastricballoonaustralia.com.au/gastricballoon.html

  • wifey

    I didn't have the lap, I had the open RNY Gastric Bypass. Its been 3 years ago now. Never had any problems. Here is a great web wed site to visit, there is lots of info on all the diffrent surgerys. Obesityhelp.com. Oh I lost 100 lbs, gained a few back but working to take them back off.

    Best of luck!!!


  • crazyblondeb

    I have helped in surgery during this procedure. It's pretty safe here in the US. The risks of complications are pretty low, but do exist, as in any medical procedure.


  • Sparkplug

    I work with a bunch of ladies that have had this and they all love it and I have seen some amazing results by watching them. Only one in I would say 30-40 people had a bad time and that was the bypass surgery, not the band.

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