If JWs get reviled at the door

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  • greendawn

    If some JWs get reviled at the door by someone who dislikes them how would you feel for them, would you identify with their position, perhaps recalling a similar experience from the past JW days, and pity them or would you say they deserve what they get, because perhaps they shun you as an ex dub.

    I would rather pity them for being naive fools. Such incidents make them feel like martyrs that have the truth.

  • serotonin_wraith

    If it was their religious beliefs that were being attacked, it wouldn't bother me one bit. But if it was them as individuals being reviled, I wouldn't want that to happen. No one deserves to be treated badly, whatever their beliefs.

  • greendawn

    I also agree with that though they themselves treat the ex dubs in a very harsh way through shunning them, it is best if they don't get reviled as individuals.

    It's the GB that really deserve to get reviled and humiliated.

  • DannyHaszard

    http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/11/115435/2025462/post.ashx#2025462 BANNED FROM COLD CALLING in SCOTLAND (consider this post they won't take no for an answer)

  • Inquisitor

    I have faced the ugliest of the church members at the doors. Yelling at me or slamming the door in my face even before I had a chance to say anything. A misguided JW is still a human being. The least they could have done was to say "No, thank you." Did they think that by being hostile they would show me that my beliefs were wrong?

    And that is why I am very cynical about Christians who try to make converts out of exJWs or JWs on their way out. These so-called Christians are no better. Oh sure, they may think that their doctrines and interpretations are more orthodox, but in the end, what really matters to society is whether your religion makes you a better person to live with.

    Who gives a rat's a** if the Trinity doctrine is or isn't Biblical when your manners are appalling.


  • Inquisitor

    A read of booker-T's experience might give you guys a better idea of the type of "Christians" I'm referring to.

    http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/115534/1.ashx Why do you attack born-again Christians


  • Finally-Free

    It was an unpleasant incident at a door that made me start thinking about the type of person I had become since joining the JW cult. It was unpleasant at the time, but I'm glad it happened.


  • parakeet

    When I was going d2d, I remember getting reviled at the door as a mixed experience. At the time, it was horrible to be treated so rudely, but then we would run back to our car group and excitely tell the others about the "opposition" we faced. It made us feel vindicated. It was really an ugly mix of emotions.
    When JWs come to my door now, I just tell them "not interested."

  • carla

    How would you feel if the SS was knocking on your door trying to recruit you?

  • greendawn

    Carla I can see your point the WTS is a very dictatorial organisation and they rule with an iron hand over the hapless R&F. In the end it's best if no one listens to them but if they get reviled they may feel justified as persecuted by Satan therefore their religion has to be the true one (they will persecute you for my name)and that will make them more loyal to the cult.

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